Bee a hero! /Session 1 : Observe

August 18th, 2011 § 2 comments

Bee refuge hacking OBSERVE


NEED A BREAK WITH YOUR ROBOT? Well, the wild bees need your skills.

Become a bee hero, join the goldendusters. Goldendust is a global design project about pollination service. It aims to provide immediate efficient and desirables solutions to the phenomenon of bee extinction.

Xinchejian is hosting a small scale wild bees refuge which is a flag product easy to put on your balcony or window. This way you can provide to them a safe habitat while they are pollinating flowers around.

We invite everyone, hacker and non hacker to think about how we can boost  man-bees interactions : being able to observe, count the bees and integrate the refuge into modern farming practices is building a strong experience and help raise awareness.

You are welcome to brainstorm, online (by leaving your comments, post sketches…), at the space or by writing at

We will build a bee refuge during the workshop on saturday 20th!


We open the first session with the question : How to observe the bees?

Help us to build a pictures bank that will serve local research. Help us find cheap solutions to observe the bees. Webcam, snapshot, bee robot?



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