Garage Band Basics 3/14 19:30

March 13th, 2012 Comments Off on Garage Band Basics 3/14 19:30

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Have you ever wanted to write your own song, but never knew how to play any instruments?

This presentation will teach you how to use the loops already programmed in Garage Band to make your own song. No musical ability needed! We’ll also discuss standard song structure and what that means to a particular song.

Feel free to bring your own Apple computer to follow along.

Come see us at Xin Che Jian This event is free!

Presentation will be given by Joshua Rosen. He is a current intern at Meteroi. Has been studying and playing music for the past 8 years and has opened up for acts such as Peter Frampton, Blues Traveler and Mountain. He is currently participating in an exchange program at Donghua University. 

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