Project City

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We’ve started a new project in Xinchejian, the Project City, code name “Metropolis“.

More about the project will be in the wiki soon as we just begun. Today we built the table where the city will be installed.

IMG_6316 IMG_6317 IMG_6321 IMG_6315 IMG_6329

The project will be a fusion of 3D projection and robot hardware combined with mechanics and interactive components.

This project is open for all members with interest. There will be a huge part in 3D mapping/projection and this content has to be created too. The robotics and mechanical part will include Arduino based hardware for the movements, communication between the central computer and the city and interface for interactive components.

If you think you could help with something then just let us know.


Pandaboard donation!

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For more information, check our wiki.

Got new toys thanks to DFRobot

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New toys

We’ve got:Mega ADK, USB Host Shield, Midi Shield, X-Board, FTDI Basic,detail informations can be found on

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