Chinese Lantern Festival Special Event: YuanXiao Night this Saturday from 7pm.本周六晚7点,来新车间庆祝元宵吃汤团

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Chinese Spring Festival celebration does not end until Lantern Festival, the 15th day of first lunar month which is 24th Feb. this year.  Besides solving puzzles on lanterns, eating glutinous rice balls and enjoying family reunion is a tradition.

We’d like to invite you, our XinCheJian family members, join us for the celebration and making rice balls together.  Come along at 7pm this Saturday (23rd),  bring your appetite and we will take care of the rest 😉

Traditional black sesame, sweetened red bean paste, and salty meat fillings will be available; and you are more than welcome to bring your own secret recipes!

We love to have you all, unfortunately due to limited capacity, please kindly RSVP:; and we can prepare  materials and foods accordingly, for maximum 25 people.  See ya there!

ps: this event is open to xinchejian members only.

Freda & Jia Qi




冯洁 Freda / 佳琪 Jia Qi

Chinese Lantern Festival


Mini Workshop #4 – Acquaponic & Hydroponic introduction this Saturday (25th) from 2pm

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We are going to open the 4th Mini Workshop of Acquaponic and Hydroponic system this Saturday (25th) at XinCheJian from 2pm to 3pm.  Open to XinCheJian Members; and the workshop is free to attend.

The pic below is the hydroponic box we built up 10 days ago at XinCheJian Mini Workshop (#3) and now, they are ready for harvest!

Very amazing growth

Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ the NEW XinCheJian – 7-9pm – FREE

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XinChejian is still under construction but that wont stop us from keeping up with our promise of a Wednesday meetup, we’ve got 2 presentations this evening along with a sneak peek at the new space.

7pm – free @ XinCheJian 2.0 1035 Changle Rd, 2nd floor – 上海徐汇区长乐 路1035号2楼 see here for a map and directions:

Unfortunately those wishing to hack tonight will not have all of the tools normally available, but nothing stopping us from getting them out and putting them away when we’re done!

=Wednesday Presenters=

James Tichenor, interaction designer from Rockwell Lab ( has just flown into Shanghai and will present tonight at XinCheJian on some of his crazy-out-there projects he’s worked on using electronics and arts!

Qichen and Rockets will present their Home Sous Vide machine that they hacked together in 20 minutes, along with some egg tasting which i hear is out of this world.

=Coming up soon=

机器车竞赛 – Roboracing Competition – 2012/04/22 –
Are you ready!? Line followers, Autonomous’rs and remote specialists, take part in the 2nd race of this year, come show us what you’re made of! the 2012/04 track has been published on the wiki and demo’d at Barcamp!

Processing class (English instructions) – 2012/04/28 –
Finally, given the huge success of the Ravens Processing classes in chinese, he’s -beenforced- agreed to run the class in English! he is doing some awesome stuff.

=Recent changes at XinCheJian=

Membership is now Just 100rmb per month per member, for an additional 200rmb a month you can also store your projects/stuff in the space in a box that does not exceed 50x50x30cm, you can contribute more money if you want as a donation. Failure to pay membership will result in your junk being stored at XinCheJian becoming a donation to the space. XinCheJian will no longer offer community parts but instead sell them in sets, for example 10 resistors for 1rmb to cut down on waste and mess. Members will have access to the space and the tools, strangers must be accompanied by a member at all times and will be responsible for that friend during that period at XinCheJian. For Full details see or

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