Maker’s Show and Tell (July 15th Wednesday) 创客成果展示会 (7月15日 周三)

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1F, No.1 Building, No 28 East Yuyuan Road

001-Maker's Show&Tell-2015-1st

Hey XinCheJian Makers,

How are you? What you’ve been made lately and curious on what others have been build?

XCJ is organizing our very 1st time “Show and Tell” night in the space, welcoming our makers to showcase their cool projects and find people around you that will be interested in your project. Get excited?

For Registration:
1. Take a picture of your project and register your name and details to email: [email protected]
The coolest project and the maker story will even have chance to be featured on our official website and Wechat post. Cool?

Time: July 15th Wednesday 8pm – 10pm

The Host: Ricky

What you must bring:

1. Physical projects you’ve worked on and its story (Something you’ve made already, not a PPT).


1F, No.3 Building, No. 28 Yuyuan East Road (XinCheJian)

The Future of Computation & Knowledge: A Night with Stephen Wolfram

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Date: Jan 4
Time: 6:30 PM to 8PM
Host: People Squared and XinCheJian
计算和知识的未来 The Future of Computation and Knowledge
活动嘉宾:斯蒂芬·沃尔夫勒姆博士 Dr. Stephen Wolfram

About Speaker: Stephen Wolfram is a distinguished scientist, technologist and entrepreneur. He has devoted his career to the development and application of computational thinking.
His Mathematica software system launched in 1988 has been central to technical research and education for more than a generation. His work on basic science—summarized in his bestselling book A New Kind of Science—has defined a major new intellectual direction, with applications across the sciences, technology and the arts. In 2009 Wolfram built on his earlier work to launch Wolfram|Alpha to make as much of the world’s knowledge as possible computable—and accessible on the web and in intelligent assistants like Apple’s Siri.
In 2014, as a culmination of more than 30 years of work, Wolfram began to roll out the Wolfram Language, which dramatically raises the level of automation and built-in knowledge available in a programming language, and makes possible a new generation of readily deployed computational applications.
Stephen Wolfram has been the CEO of Wolfram Research since its founding in 1987. He was educated at Eton, Oxford and Caltech, receiving his PhD in theoretical physics at the age of 20. This is his first visit to China.

Meet XinCheJian makers at Shanghai Makers Carnival

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XinCheJian will be the featured hacker space at upcoming Shanghai Makers Carnival running through 18-19 of October. Come visit us at our booth and meet the most creative and most daring XinCheJian makers and see for yourself what can be achieved if you dare to do!
This will be the biggest event of makers community. There will be talks and seminars, workshops, showcasing, as well as a market place. Don’t miss it out!

Time: 18th-19th of October, 2014.
Location: 290 SongHu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai.

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