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1. Shanghai Library – XinCheJian just launched an event in cooperation with the Shanghai Library (exit line 10.. shanghai library) projects are being displayed on the 3rd floor and will be rotated throughout the month – check it out daily.

2. Doodlebot competition offering – buy now, 190rmb for the robot, order today to sachsenpower@gmail.com but you will be on the hook for the cash if you change your mind! Read more here about the competition – http://letsmakerobots.com/node/37126

3. It’s time to buy stuff.. everything must go, ask about Mitch Altman kits to get started in electronics.

4. Don’t forget to renew your membership! If you aren’t sure, talk to a staff member.

Wednesday’s Presentations

IoT – Rob van Kranenburg
Dr. J. (Sjaak) Wolfert: SmartAgriFood
David Li: Makers and IoT
Andrew: LED Cube and Timer

Project City

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We’ve started a new project in Xinchejian, the Project City, code name “Metropolis“.

More about the project will be in the wiki soon as we just begun. Today we built the table where the city will be installed.

IMG_6316 IMG_6317 IMG_6321 IMG_6315 IMG_6329

The project will be a fusion of 3D projection and robot hardware combined with mechanics and interactive components.

This project is open for all members with interest. There will be a huge part in 3D mapping/projection and this content has to be created too. The robotics and mechanical part will include Arduino based hardware for the movements, communication between the central computer and the city and interface for interactive components.

If you think you could help with something then just let us know.


Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 25/07/2012

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Summary for Wednesday

On Saturday at 2:30pm in XinCheJian David will be doing a mini workshop for 30 minutes, on starting seedlings for hydroponics, he needs your help, it’s free for members to attend, if you’re not a member, sign up before the workshop.

What great weather we’ve had this week? t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. we’ve strip it it down even further at XinCheJian, we’re going naked – free yourself!


  • Shiyin Cai – Dialogue in the dark
  • Bernard Xiong – RTOS/RT-Thread
  • Aler Gu – 17 year making with fast contributions

Wednesday Presenters
Shiyin Cai from Dialogue in the dark a China NGO raises awareness of issues facing visually impaired, expect total darkness (Or as best we can).

Bernard Xiong from Real time operating system and lead developer, he recently released ART and opensource development board for RT-Thread and will be demoing ART.

Aler Gu will be traveling across the country to come an present at XinCheJian, at age 17 he holds 2 patents, won numerous national awards and launched innovation clubs all revolving around robots and robotics, he gave a short demo at XinCheJian on the weekend of his mechanical hand, which was inspiring to see. he also has a voice controlled robot looking a bit like johnny 5.

Have something good to present? email wednesday@xinchejian.com for a short overview.

Soccerbots: Robotic Football Exhibition

May 15th, 2012 § 9 comments § permalink

Our goal is build a robot football team that can play football (soccer) in a public space. The robots can be remote controlled by children and adults, as well as play autonomously by themselves.

We believe that this exhibition will draw tremendous media attention and foot traffic given the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship that will take place in June 2012. In addition, it will be the first robotic football exhibition in China where the audience can participate.

Two robotic teams with seven players will play on a special football field (table size or larger). Audience members will be able to remotely control the robots. The robots can also be automatically controlled, allowing the robots to play by themselves or against human players. Each robot will be designed to wear the jersey of the color of the participating teams in the European Football Championship.

We believe this exhibition will get coverage in local media, given the interest in European football, the uniqueness of the robots, and the audience participation.


XinCheJian is asking for 50,000 RMB from the main sponsor of the Soccerbots Exhibition. These costs are the minimum requirements to cover the basic materials, components, tools and support costs. Due to the extreme time constraints, half of the funds (25,000 RMB) must be provided before May 18th 2012. The overall engineering cost of the Soccerbots exhibition is estimated at well over 200,000 RMB when taking into account the cost of the expert engineering team donated by Xinchejian.

The exhibition will be on loan to a space designated by the sponsor for the duration of the event. Given the transportation costs, the sponsor will need to provide the field based on a design and set of specifications provided by XinCheJian.

XinCheJian will provide four robotic teams of seven players, remote controllers for the audience to play, the special football field sensors, the special game ball, and recharging units for the robots. All robots, playing field, remote controls, and equipment must be returned to XinCheJian at the end of the exhibition.

Soccerbots Swarm Robotics Team

XinCheJian has assembled a team of two senior engineers, Michaelis Lutz and Edward Jiang, with over 10 years of robotics experience. Assisting them to build the robots will be more than 10 part-time engineers and designers.

Project Lead Engineers:

Michaelis Lutz

Xinchejian Project Engineers:

Spencer Featherstone, Mika Lin, Valentin Gauffre, Raymond Walintukan, Tim Lan, Chong Yang, Robin Lee, Chris Carey, Infy Zhang

XinCheJian supporting team:

Ricky Ng-Adam and Kevin Chen (proposal), Otto Mao (translation)

Previously Built Robots:

Mr. Lutz and Mr. Jiang have built multiple robots at XinCheJian including:

  • “Insectbot” autonomous robots
  • Hacked RC car, turned into an autonomous robot
  • R2D2 autonomous robot
  • Micro-sized line-follower autonomous robot
  • Four-legged autonomous walking robot

View a list of projects and pictures here:

Parting words

At XinCheJian, we believe this would be a unique and attention-grabbing exhibition. This will be the first robotic football swarm game in China, which could draw interest from both traditional media and social media. Most important, we think the robots will attract lots of people who will come to watch the robots playing football!

Our organization has positive visibility in the local media including magazines and TV media, many online social networks (such as Weibo) and our own blog. Our sponsor can gain positive exposure by associating itself to this ambitious and attractive project.

We have a strong self-interest in seeing this project succeed and driving traffic to our sponsor to build an audience for the project and enhance our reputation as a creative and innovative space.

概念图Concept Proposals

Figure 1: Audience members watching the Soccerbots playing football.

Figure 2:  Proposed 3D model shell for the soccerbot robot exterior.

Figure 3: Concept of external skins for soccerbots, based on European Football teams.

Milkymist One video synthesizer

December 28th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

The Milkymist One team will do a presentation at XinCheJian on January 11th – register now!
Milkymist One is a video synthesizer to create real-time visual effects from live audio and video input. It can be used as a turnkey solution without any modification. No computer needed. But it doesn’t stop there. For more advanced and creative usages, Milkymist One also provides interfaces to:
  • MIDI devices/controllers
  • DMX512 input/output
  • OpenSoundControl clients
  • USB computer keyboard, mouse
  • Infrared remote control
The simple yet rich Flickernoise Patching (FNP) language allows any individual to create unique and personalized visual effects without requiring any computer programming experience.
Miikymist One can be used in Concerts, Performances, Clubs, Festivals, Installations, Parties, and more.
For hardware and software open source enthusiasts, Milkymist One is the choice of your new development ground.
Hardware features:
  • XC6SLX45 Spartan-6 FPGA
  • 128MB 32-bit DDR400 SDRAM
  • 32MB parallel flash
  • VGA output, 24bpp, up to 140MHz pixel clock
  • Multi-standard video input (PAL/SECAM/NTSC)
  • AC’97 audio
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • Memory card reader that accepts microSD cards
  • Two USB-A receptacles that accept USB peripherals
  • Two DMX512 ports
  • MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports
  • RC5-compatible infrared receiver
  • RS232 debug port
  •  JTAG port
Software features:
  • Flickernoise VJ Application
  • RTEMS real-time operating system
  • YAFFS flash filesystem
  • Verilog HDL code for Milkymist SOC (LM32 CPU, MIDI, DMX, etc)
  • libpng, libjpeg, openjpeg and jbig2dec image decompression libraries.
  • freetype font rendering system.
  • MuPDF library for the online help system.
  • MTK, a modified version of the Genode FX embedded GUI toolkit.
  • liboscparse, a variant of liblo, for OpenSoundControl communications.
Milkymist One is a mutual effort from it’s designer Sébastien Bourdeauducq (http://lekernel.net/), the developers of qi-hardware community (http://en.qi-hardware.com/), and the technology designer and manufacturer Sharism at Work Ltd (https://sharism.cc/milkymist/).
You can find more about Milkymist One at:

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