XinCheJian Robot Monday 新车间周一机器人日

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Every Monday from September 08, 2014, 19:00 – 21:00 pm
上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间

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Are you interested in robots, programming, 3d printing or simply play and have fun making? Well start your week with this cool technology, open to everyone. No initial knowledge required. Come and learn how to make robots with hardware kits and PCB boards based on arduino, 3d print for custom parts; join us every Monday from 7pm.
The Robot Monday group will be hosting a free exploring workshop for XinCheJian members only from 5pm to 7pm on September 8th, prior to group meetup. Become a XinCheJian member learn about robots.

机器人工作坊 MultiploRobot Workshop – July 5th

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Time: July 5th,10am – 1:30pm
Workshop fee: rmb250 pay onsite (rmb200 pay online)
Age: 10+ years who is interested in robots

Robot material fee:
Option A – borrow for free, but need to return it at the end of workshop
选项A – 免费借用老师材料
Option B – 500RMB pack, and take home your own robot
选项B – 购买500元的套件,工作坊后可带回家自己制作的机器人

***Materials to bring: windows os pc


Workshop Content:
theory about robots
free assembly workshop
robot testing with remote control
programming robots workshop
testing and robot interactions

Build your own sumo robot – April 13th (10am – 5pm)

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Please sign up at the link under ‘upcoming events’ to the right of the website!!
Price: members RMB300 and nonmembers RMB400,  including the kits.
For people who would like to join the SUMO robot races but have no idea how to start building their own robot have now their chance to join… The Build your OWN sumo robot workshop.
  • During the workshop you will be provided will all the necessary materials.
  • A guide will be presented showing the major steps of how to complete your SUMO robot.
  • And hands-on help during the day
During the day you will be busy soldering, drilling, cutting, gluing and all the other necessary  work involved to get your robot wrestling in the sumo ring.
No experience with Arduino is required but is a plus.
You can join this workshop individually or with a friend (strongly suggested if you’re an absolute beginner due to the limited time)

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