hydroponics workshop 新车间水培工作坊 July 6th

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费用:现场付费375元/人,网上付费享300元每人的优惠价格;费用包括:种培育苗盒、窗台水培系统所需材料、水培营养液 (可持续6-8个月植物所需)。

 同传统种植方式相比,水耕有什么不同和其特点?
 想知道如何从种子开始植物种植和栽培
 希望在家建立小型的窗台水耕种植系统

Subject: Seed Starting, Cloning and Windowsill System Construction
Time: July 6th Sunday, 14:00-17:00 @ XinCheJian, F1 of building 3, No. 28 Yuyuan Road
Fee: RMB 300 (pay online) and RMB 375 (pay at door), including: seed starting equipment, parts for windowsill system and enough nutrients to refill the system for 6-8 months.
Description: Ever wanted to know what hydroponic gardening is and how it is different from regular gardening? Ever wanted to know how to start a plant from seed? Ever wanted to build your own urban gardening system? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should sign up for the Hydroponics 101 workshop!
In this workshop you will learn the basics of hydroponics and what makes it substantially different from soil gardening. You will learn about the various hydroponic system types found in the world today and learn about how you can grow your own plants in a variety of urban environments, regardless of access to sunlight or soil. The second part of this workshop will be learning how to start plants from seeds and how to create clones of plants from existing mature plants. Finally, you will learn how to construct a basic deep water culture (DWC) system that you can place next to a windowsill to grow your own lettuce, herbs and cherry tomato plants.
At the end of this workshop, you will have both the knowledge, the equipment and the supplies to start and maintain your very own urban garden, using a system that takes up about as much space as a desktop computer case. The first 6 people that sign up will receive a bonus: live plants and seedlings to take home in your system, so that they can start growing with their system right away!

Spagetti bridge competition 意大利面桥梁赛

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Register 报名参加
Date: Saturday July 12 @ 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: XinCheJian, F1 of building 3, No. 28 East Yuyuan Road
Fee: free for Members; RMB100 for nonmembers.
Who among you can build the mightiest bridge? Who has the superior spaghetti engineering skills? For those of you brave enough, register to join the fun on Saturday July 12th!
Form your own team or join one, and get ready to architect and construct a bridge made out of spaghetti.
Bridges have to be able to cross a 50 cm distance, and hold as much weight as possible. XinCheJian will provide you one box of spaghetti,glue guns, and glue. You provide the nerd power.
Free-standing (stands by itself)
Span two level surfaces, 50 cm apart.
Incorporate the hook into its structure
Maximum vertical height is 40 cm
Maximum vertical depth is 20 cm
Make sure your hook in firmly in the bridge
Make sure your bridge is long enough
Try to use all of your spaghetti
Decide on a design early
*** PRIZES: ARDUINO kits will be given to the teams with the bridges that can support the most weight.
*** 奖品:获胜的队伍将获得一套arduino套件。

We are finally home! 新车间乔迁新居!

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xcjmap After being stuffed in a small temporary space for a month and half, XinCheJian has finally reached home! We are now officially located at Building 3 (west side entrance) of Donghai Plaza, No. 28 East Yuyuan Road, Jing’an District. It’s behind Building 1 of Donghai Plaza which is right by East Yuyuan Road. You’ll need to go through the hall of building 1 to reach building 3. Entrance to XinCheJian is to the west side of building 3 (where you can see a huge pile of construction waste ;)). 经过一个半月的蜗居生活后,新车间终于乔迁新居啦!!!我们现在的地址是愚园东路28号东海广场3号楼西侧入口(看到门口一堆建筑垃圾就是了;))。需要穿过临街的东海广场1号楼的大堂。快来看看我们的新家吧!

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