Kevin Yu’s Internship Review

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After working at XinCheJian for about 2 weeks, I’ve gained valuable experience in both work ethics as well as making working with basic hardware. Under the encouragement of my friend, William Kim, I started working at XinCheJian a while ago. Working as an intern, I had the chance to work with some electrical components I would have never came across as a high school student. I also started to learn Arduino and made a simple project out of the junk William and I had sorted out. Throughout the internship, I took great pleasure in meeting new people and talking to them about different things. This gave me an opportunity to broaden my horizons about the technological industry, which is the field I would like to work in after my undergraduate studies. I thank everyone at XinCheJian who has helped me with any problems I came across, but I want to especially thank Ricky. Ricky made sure I made good use of my time by assigning tasks and certain goals to reach by the end of the internship. He also suggested me to present on Wednesday Open Night, which is something I would never have thought to do without him. I will definitely return often to XinCheJian, but for now, I will have to be occupied by college applications…

-Kevin Yu

Yu Sun’s Intern Report

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During the past one month, I was doing a co-intern at DFRobot and XCJ. The one month passed extremely fast, bringing and end to my summer vacation. The intern in DFRobot and XCJ have different focuses.

In DFRobot, I spent most time learning Arduino, fixing bugs, and writing report. It gives me a more detailed picture of how work in real life looks like. By studying more sample codes and learning to read product wikis by myself. I have a better idea on how to write clearer code and instructions. People in DFRobot are also pretty cool and nice to talk to and ask questions to. More excitingly, I get chances to develop my own projects, and write tutorials to make them open-source so that anyone interests can try making them by themselves or modifying based on their needs.

While in XCJ, my role is more like a teacher. I gave three Arduino Beginner’s Workshops in series to help more people who are interested in Arduino. Although I don’t think myself as a teacher. For me, people who came to the workshops are more like friends and people who I can learn from. I encountered several problems that I never met myself when using Arduino. What’s more important, meeting new people and seeing that those people are enjoying things I like are pretty fascinating.

In all, I feel I make one of the smartest decision to reach to Ricky about 1 month ago. Thank you Ricky for helping me identify my goals and introduce me to DFRobot. And Jane as my mentor in DFRobot. Thank you for your trust and little gift :)  I will surely revisit DFRobot and XCJ when I am back to Shanghai in the future.

XinCheJian’s Second Makers’ Hour | 新车间的第二次“创客一小时”

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XinCheJian’s second Makers’ Hour was held on July 29th, during an open night event. Many makers gathered around a table to discuss about their individual projects and insights. Here are some of the makers involved in the discussion:


Mr. Wu, who also attended Makers’ Hour the week before, is working on a wireless camera. He wishes to integrate technologies such as Raspberry Pi to create a wireless and wearable camera.


These three young men made their own motorcycle and are ready to manufacture and sell within this year. They wish to bring in technologies such as Bluetooth headset helmets and mobile device applications to accompany their product.


Jerry is able to control his wireless LED panel through a mobile application. His application can not only change the brightness but also the color temperature of the light source. He believes color temperature has an effect on the productivity and emotions of a person.

XinCheJian strongly encourages makers to come by on Wednesday nights to present their creations. By having makers communicate with one another, makers can gain insight and opportunities they would not have had working alone. Through making connections with each other, makers may overcome problems they have with the project, find partners to collaborate with, and sharing experience about commercializing products. Makers’ Hour is for makers who have physical projects to show. This means projects such as: embedded devices, robots, internet of things, and other practical devices. We will be strict about not having people without physical projects.

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