Aquaponics workshop

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this is similar to what you will create on Sunday

This is a model Aquaponics system for home, similar to what you will create on Sunday.

The Subject : How to build a home Aquaponics system By Mr. Song and Mr. Bian

The Time:Dec 1st 1pm-3pm

The address:1035 Changle Rd, 2nd floor, Xuhui District, Shanghai

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plastic basin

glass tank


2W aquarium pump




Goal: Everybody who attends this workshop could make a aquaponics system to take home, and learn how to do it.












DIY Aquaponic with Ikea Samla

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Check out the link for the step by step to build aquaponic box with Ikea Samla. desktop aquaponic system

Desktop Aquaponic Workshop 小型鱼菜共生工作坊 2月2日(周六)

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Aquaponic is a recirculating integrated growing system which convert fish waste into nutrient for plants and use the biological filtering system to keep water clean for the fish.
In this workshop, you will learn about the principles of aquaponics and build your own aquaponic system. It’s good for growing fresh herbs, planting ornamental plant with easy care and raising goldfish.
Date: Feb 2 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Location: 2nd Floor XinCheJian
Cost: rmb 280 (for the materials and equipment)
The Workshop is free to join and open to everyone; if you wish to buy the materials and equipment, please kindly RSVP by emailing to:
日期:2/2 周六
时间:下午2点 – 5点
费用:人民币 280 元 (用于购买材料和装置的费用)
desktop aquaponic system

desktop aquaponic and no watering acquired! 小型鱼菜共生种植,无需浇水哦!

aquaponic hyacinthus

aquaponic hyacinths 鱼菜共生系统养殖的风信子

#Aquaponic#: we have perfect water

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Thanks to Roger who planted some new veggies in the aquaponic and got the LED grow light setup.

We just tested the water and it’s perfect. 7.0 in PH, no ammonia and nitrite and full of nitrate. Looking forward to seeing these grow!

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Location:Huashan Road,,China

It’s a Bugs Eats Bugs World

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I have been having red spider mites problems with my balcony hydroponic garden. These bugs are tough and hard to kill. I have tried a few organic pesticides but none of them work. They are eating up the cucumber and sunflower leaves.

I was referred to predator mites by a few organic farmers on weibo. They look badass! They are smaller then red spider mites but literally eat them for lunch. Each adult predator mite will eats about 200 to 400 red spider mites.

I ordered a few bags of them and just finishing deploying them in the garden. There are both adults and eggs in the bag. Place the opening close to stem of infested plants and the predator mites will climb out of the bags to track down the spider mites. It’s a long night waiting but I can’t wait to see if any of them come to action by the morning.

Go Killer Bugs!!!

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