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MAX 6 (msp/jitter) Beginners Workshop with Emmanuel Flores #UPDATED!





Workshop Description

Learn how to use MAX6, one of the most advanced and powerful visual programming software for music and multimedia!
Max6 is the standard for interactive multimedia installations as it allows to control and connect anything; generative music to physical controllers, proximity sensors to interactive graphics, stage lights to motion tracking cameras, just to name few applications...
Cycling74, the developers of MAX6 are providing to anyone who will participate to the workshop a big discount on the software. The license will be 59US$ (around 380 rmb) instead of 400US$!
The license is not compulsory for the workshop, we will provide a 30 days license for free (available on MAX6 website).
Check out more about Max 6

The workshop will be in english.

Seats are limited, priority will be given to who subscribes online.
If the online subscription fails, just send a mail at andi.xcj+max@gmail.com

Price of the workshop is 600rmb  (50 rmb/h * 12h).

Instructor Bio 

I am a software developer and interaction designer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In the past I have been active designing and implementing interactive and experiential technology for immersive web applications, mobile devices and physical spaces. Currently I am focused on the creation of participative and collaborative digital tools and apps using iOS and node.js and running my own studio, Monotone.

Besides my activities as designer and developer, I have worked as 'creative coder' and workshop leader for different universities and institutions in England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and China.

Studio website: monotonestudio.nl
Personal website: emmanuelflores.net

Workshop Program

a)Basic introduction
b)Basic video manipulation
c)OpenGL and jitter 1: principles, basic shapes, textures,
d)OpenGL and jitter 2: linking audio and visuals, advanced techniques
e)OpenGL and jitter 3: Shaders and Processing sketches in Jitter (Java)
f)Computer vision and kinect: motion tracking





a) 基础介绍
b) 基础视频操作
c) OpenGL和jitter1: 原则,基础形状,纹理。
d) OpenGL和jitter2: 链接声音和图像,进阶技术。
e) OpenGL和jitter3: 在Java环境下着色和Processing绘画。
f) 计算机视觉和使用Kinect进行运动追踪。




We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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