3D modeling workshop 3D 建模工作坊 – fusion 360 July 20

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*** 电脑系统要求 OS requirements: ***
64位win 7, 或64位Mac OS X 10.8, 或更高版本
64-bit Windows 7 or newer and 64-bit Mac OS X 10.8 or newer

Please do register online. RMB200 for walkins.

Fusion360是美国autodesk公司推出的一款三维可视化建模软件。该软件是autodesk在工业设计和机械设计领域很多相关技术的试验田,很多成熟的技术都被运用到其他autodesk的商业软件中。该软件中比较流行的技术包括直接建模技术,T样条建模技术,基于联结的装配技术,自顶向下的参数化建模技术,云端数据管理等。Fusion 360对学生和设计爱好者完全免费。同时支持Windows和Mac,是MAC下最好用的CAD软件。
Fusion 360 is a new 3D modelling software for industrial design, mechanical design, 3D printing and CAM, aimed at design enthusiasts, hardware startups and small product design businesses. Itis free for students & enthusiasts (non-commercial users), and works onboth Mac and Windows. It’s designed to be a ‘cloud-connected’ software, meaningit uses online storage for file saving, and has built-in tools for onlineproject collaboration and sharing.
Quickly and easilyexplore product ideas in Fusion 360. Start by using simple free-form modeling tools to get just the right shape, or take a shortcut and seamlessly pull your existing data into your Fusion 360 project. Engineer and test it for function. Then prepare it for manufacturing by generating tool paths or using the 3D printing utility.
Access your projects from your mobile device where you can view designs, see the latest updates, and make notes. Edit your designs from a Mac or PC. There’s no limitto the number or type of machines you have Fusion 360 running on. All yourproject information, always up to date, securely accessed, virtually anytime,anywhere.

sketchup工作坊 Sketchup workshop July 27th

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SketchUp 是一款人皆适宜的最佳(且最具创意的)工具,借助它可进行从咖啡壶到摩天大楼等各种设计。”其创作过程不仅能够充分表达设计师的思想而且完全满足与客户即时交流的需要,它使得设计师可以直接在电脑上进行十分直观的构思,是三维建筑设计方案创作的优秀工具。是一套直接面向设计方案创作过程的设计工具,其创作过程不仅能够充分表达设计师的思想而且完全满足与客户即时交流的需要,与设计师用手工绘制构思草图的过程很相似,是目前为数不多的直接面向设计过程的设计工具,它使得设计师可以直接在电脑上进行十分直观的构思,随着构思的不断清晰,细节不断增加,这样设计师可以最大限度地减少机械重复劳动和控制设计成果的准确性。
SketchUp is a 3D modeling program for applications such as architectural, interior design, civil and mechanicalengineering, film, and video game design. A freeware version, SketchUp Make, and a paid version with additional functionality, SketchUp Pro, are available.
There is an online Open source repository of free-of-charge model assemblies (e.g., windows, doors, automobiles, etc.), 3D Warehouse, to which users may contribute models. The program includes drawing layout functionality, allows surface rendering in variable “styles”, supports third-party”plug-in” programs hosted on a site called Extension Warehouse to provide other capabilities (e.g., near photo-realistic rendering).

制作发光毽子工作坊flashing shuttlecock workshop – July 26th

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7月26号星期六下午1:00 – 2:30.
见过用电子制作的毽子吗? 每当踢一下则会发光,在傍晚和夜间玩将成为一道亮丽的风景。本次工作坊将使参加者体会电子焊接、制作、运动和合作的快乐,接触一些电子、力学的知识。

- 电子焊接
- 电路原理
- 毽子构成
- 毽子的运动
*** 警示:焊接操作有一定风险,请注意安全。未成年人请家长陪同(陪同家长不另外收费)。***
July 26th 1pm – 2:30pm
Shuttlecock is a traditional Asian game in which players aim to keep a heavily weighted shuttlecock in the air by using their bodies, apart from the hands. To attract kids’s interest on electronics, we embed LEDs inside shuttlecock to make it blink when people kick it. It will create a much more fun and appealing experience for sports in the evening. Play it at night for even more fun! In this workshop, participants will learn
- How to solder and
- Build a basic circuit
- Structure and mechanics of shuttlecock
***Caution: There are maybe some risks in Soldering, Parents please take care during this step.***