Hi I’m the new intern Kevin

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Hi everyone! I’m Kevin Yu and I go to SMIC Private School in ZhangJiang. I will be interning here for the next week or so at XinCheJian. William Kim, my friend, and the other intern here at XinCheJian, introduced me to this space. I am interested in Computer Sciences and plan to study it for my undergraduate program. Currently, I am learning to code in Visual Basic and am working on a small board game application. I am also trying to start a small project here during my stay and to learn little more about Arduino using the abundance of resources here. I am looking forward to helping anyone who needs help here at XinCheJian and hope to help make the space an even better environment!

Smart Pet Collar Project STARTUP!

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Smart Pet Collar Project Startup


Have you shown photos of your cute pets on Instagram, with proud and excitement? When your good boy looks pale, have you worried about its health, but feel helpless in caring for it? Even, when thinking of dognap news reported on TV, have you woke up suddenly in a fear, feeling afraid of the terrible result if being careless? You should have been enjoying assured simple fun with pets, yet it’s always so hard to be assured in reality.
But now, it’s time to let my efforts ease your trouble!
With the rapid development of wearable products, glasses, bands, or even shoes have been made ‘smart’ by geeks. A billionaire even put the smartwatch on his puppy’s paw, however, it made a stupid error that only one third of the dog’s pulse was detected. No doubt that pets need something especially for them!
In the remaining summer vacation, I’ll make a prototype of the smart collar. I’ll try to acquire Lua and Android programming next week. Simple communication and using accelerometer are the short term goals as well. Any tutoring, directing or advices will be appreciated, and much thanks to you here in advance.
I’m going to take part in the Xinchejian Hackathon in early August, and complete the prototype later that month. It will achieve some preliminary functions including data gathering, Wi-Fi communicating and mobile app connecting. At the same time, it can play a role as developing platform for future products as well.
Furthermore, an improved product with track and trace, health detection, entertainment and other surprising features will be shown at the end of this year, starting the experimental manufacturing then as well. To achieve the commercial value of the technology will be my goal right in 2016.
Besides, as a caring young man, I really hope to take more social responsibilities by innovation. After sales, I plan to provide the products for all the 27 guide dogs (1 missed 3 days ago) for free. The useful functions can greatly improve the safety for the blind and their dogs, protecting the precious resource of guide dogs and helping the disabled.

Arduino新手系列工作坊 7月25-8月08|Arduino Beginners Serial Workshop Jul. 25 – Aug. 08

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1F, Building 3, No 28 East Yuyuan Road
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Just started your summer break and want to create something cool? Have special interests in electronics and want to know more about what Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Majors are doing? Or do you want to add some special flavours to your life? Join the Arduino workshop specially designed for beginners!

During the three Ardruino workshop series, you will get introduced to contents related to micro-controllers such as Arduino and what you can do with Arduino, includes:

1. Learn about a few fundamental electronic parts, how they work, and how they could possibly be applied to your own project. 2. Learn some basic programming, including variables, conditionals and loops.
3. Learn how to apply different electronic parts in 5 interesting projects
4. Learn how to make a slightly more complicated project: an electronic lock in the final workshop At the end of the workshop, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge necessary to start your own project!

Workshop Fee:
Arduino Kit with Basic Components (special discounted price) : RMB210 原价300
Each of the 2 hours workshop is RMB150 (member), RMB200 (non-member)
All three workshop package cost: RMB 710 (3 workshops with kit and 1 month XCJ membership)

Registration details please contact “interns@xinchejian.com”

// ]]> Please download and install Arduino IDE https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

Location: 1F, No.3 Building, No. 28 Yuyuan East Road (XinCheJian)

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