XinCheJian’s Second Makers’ Hour | 新车间的第二次“创客一小时”

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XinCheJian’s second Makers’ Hour was held on July 29th, during an open night event. Many makers gathered around a table to discuss about their individual projects and insights. Here are some of the makers involved in the discussion:


Mr. Wu, who also attended Makers’ Hour the week before, is working on a wireless camera. He wishes to integrate technologies such as Raspberry Pi to create a wireless and wearable camera.


These three young men made their own motorcycle and are ready to manufacture and sell within this year. They wish to bring in technologies such as Bluetooth headset helmets and mobile device applications to accompany their product.


Jerry is able to control his wireless LED panel through a mobile application. His application can not only change the brightness but also the color temperature of the light source. He believes color temperature has an effect on the productivity and emotions of a person.

XinCheJian strongly encourages makers to come by on Wednesday nights to present their creations. By having makers communicate with one another, makers can gain insight and opportunities they would not have had working alone. Through making connections with each other, makers may overcome problems they have with the project, find partners to collaborate with, and sharing experience about commercializing products. Makers’ Hour is for makers who have physical projects to show. This means projects such as: embedded devices, robots, internet of things, and other practical devices. We will be strict about not having people without physical projects.

William’s Internship Review

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After 2 weeks of full internship at Xinchejian, I’ve gained valuable experiences which I couldn’t have gotten at school. At school, it was more about pure academics, from Physics to Chemistry, everything was more theory-based, rather than physical. However at Xinchejian, I was lucky to play with hardware. Even though there were more cleaning than tech stuff at Xinchejian, I still loved working here. Taking computers apart, assembling them together, playing with battery pinouts… They seem too mundane to be actual tech skills,but I still learned a lot from those activities. Before I leave, I want to thank some of the people here at Xinchejian. Thanks Amanda for providing me with such an internship. Thanks Ricky for assigning tasks and motivating me to make physical stuff. Thanks Lio for teaching me technical stuff ( Ex: checking battery pinouts, php questions.. and so on. Sorry for all the disturbances I made) Thanks 老豆 for being very friendly with me and teaching me different kinds of tools and components. If I have time after stupid SATs, I would definitely visite here again. Not as a intern but as a real member :)

William Kim Internship Review

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XinCheJian (新车间) had the pleasure to welcome William Kim, an high school student at SMIC Private School, as a XinCheJian intern to our space for over 100 hours between July 15th and July 27th 2015 at our Hero Center location (Jing’an, Shanghai).

XinCheJian is a community space focused on technology that provides its members with a space to work on their project, Internet access, tools and components in an atmosphere focused on making. As the space sees heavy use daily by members, it’s essential for us to have people in charge of the space to help and interns are very appreciated in that role.

In school, William had already shown great leadership being president of both the computer sciences and the sciences club. He’s planning on pursuing studies in Computer Sciences or Electronic Engineering abroad so was looking for a volunteer internship relevant to his interests. To that end, he already acquired skills in programming and Arduino microcontrollers which are very useful within an Hackerspace.

William first took on the space as a project in itself, completing over 50 different individual tasks. Increasing entropy is a natural state of things, especially in an hackerspace that sees many projects and many contributions. Regular cleaning and sorting is required to get the handle on the chaos.

First set of tasks he took on covered a massive and much needed cleaning and installing of new shelves to allow better sorting of the electronics components that followed. Another good organization innovation was the labeling of the rental storage boxes to track usage.

Another significant tasks was around XinCheJian computers: from testing the donated computers to making sure that as many of them were functional with Internet access.

In addition, he’s taken the initiative in promoting the space through videos and welcoming personally members to the space, introducing them to the hackerspace. He signed up 7 new members to the space. He also supported the Arduino workshops organized by Yu, another intern.

William’s contributions, completing his Objectives and Key Results set at the start at 100%, have made the space more efficient and a better working space for all makers. William’s work ethics, knowledge and initiative were impressive and all the senior members that have worked with him believe he has a bright future ahead of him.

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