Processing Class

Processing Class (Chinese instructions)

Time schedule:Saturday or Sunday 9am to 12pm, after lunch, 1pm to 4pm. 3 weeks total (18 hours)

Class content

Unit 1 – P5 brief intro and interface intro/ Basic 2D drawing + interaction

Unit 2 – Variable/ Conditional

Unit 3 – Polar coordinates/ Perlin noise

Unit 4 – Loops/ Array

Unit 5 – Bitmap/ Webcam

Unit 6 – Some interesting 3rd party libs

This workshop is mainly for P5 beginners / students majoring in art

What to bring:laptop with Processing software installed

Fee:800rmb for total of 18 hours class, students with valid ID can get 25% off.

Registration:Please send email to:[email protected],with your name, email, and phone number.

About the teacher

Raven Kwok | 郭锐文

Personal Showreel 2007-2011:

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