Portraits of Makers: Lutz

March 26th, 2012 § 1 comment


1) Who are you?
I am Lutz from Germany, living in Shanghai since 2005

2) What do you do?
Working as a translator English-German for a big IT company.In my spare time I am a hobby photographer, maker, daddy, husband and friend (items are not listed in priority order)

3) What inspires you?
Nature in it’s different forms, shapes, lights, creatures etc. etc. etc… Smart people, kids…well too much to tell.

4) What attracts you to the space/what do you like about the space?
Well, it’s just a good place to meet people with similar interests, to see interesting projects, chatting, find help when facing a problem, laughing learning and expanding my horizon and many more reasons.

5) What do you want to do/accomplish/learn/share/experience?
I do not have a specific target. I am open-minded and cannot tell you what I will do tomorrow (well, you know what I mean). I want to learn what I am interested in and this is a lot. I want to accomplish my goals, share my experience and ideas and want to increase my experience as well.

6) If there is only one thing you could share with people, what would it be?
My life experience!

7) Tell us a secret.. one you haven’t told anyone else?
Ok, this is a tough question and I know who is asking 😉 But I will answer it.My secret is, and that is the first time that I am talking/writing about this…well, this is hard but I am trying…I told my very first girlfriend after puberty that I already had sex before….which was a lie 😉

8 ) Who’s your idol?
I do not have an specific idol. Idols are things, people you admire or even pray to. I admire some people but cannot place them in an order. But two of them are my mom and my dad.

9) Where would you rate yourself on a geeky slider? (or nerdy if you are that way)
On a scale from 1 to 10 I would say 9.5 😉

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