Portraits of Makers: Michael

March 27th, 2012 Comments Off on Portraits of Makers: Michael

Portraits of Makers

1)Who are you?
廖俊彦, aka RubberDucky, or hey you, or Mike

What do you do?
Work for a private equity fund during the day, fight BS as my alter ego
during the night.

What inspires you?
People with not just passion but the decisiveness to do something about it,
and beer.

What attracts you to the space/what do you like about the space?
Likeminded comfortable community, accesses to resources, lack of BS, secret
hideout for alter ego

What do you want to do/accomplish/learn/share/experience?
Make things! and ummm mostly repair the stuff I break.  Experiment with and
learn different building skills.

If there is only one thing you could share with people, what would it be?
Share?  Share?  Evil VC’s don’t share.  Hmmm, a sense of peace and
contentment.  Wait, that’s 2, give me 1 back.

Tell us a secret.. one you haven’t told anyone else?
Ummm, in my former life I was one of the presidents of the USA….hopefully
one of the good ones.

Who’s your idol?
According to Google,

Where would you rate yourself on a geeky slider? (or nerdy if you are that
The sum, as k goes from a to b of f(k), where a=2, b=5, f(k) is ((k^2)+1)
Minus the meaning of life, the universe, and everything
Divided by 2 (cause I want to save the other half for later)

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