It's a Bugs Eats Bugs World

September 3rd, 2012 § 3 comments

I was referred to predator mites by a few organic farmers on weibo. They look badass! They are smaller then red spider mites but literally eat them for lunch. Each adult predator mite will eats about 200 to 400 red spider mites.

I ordered a few bags of them and just finishing deploying them in the garden. There are both adults and eggs in the bag. Place the opening close to stem of infested plants and the predator mites will climb out of the bags to track down the spider mites. It’s a long night waiting but I can’t wait to see if any of them come to action by the morning.

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§ 3 Responses to It's a Bugs Eats Bugs World"

  • eugene说道:

    wha.. this is dang badass indeed .. like THIS IS WAR. eh you can even taobao a bag of predator mites? HAHA . where to find this group on weibo?

  • Martin说道:

    It’s maybe a “Bugs Eats Bugs World” but one day it’s will be a “eat a bug word” for human.
    Let’s eat bug, let’s save the world !

  • Chrrles说道:

    Not sure if you can order them through the mail in China, but Ladybugs will also eat your mites (and other baddies).


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