3D扫描与打印工作坊 3D Scan and Print workshop – June 15th

June 9th, 2014 § 5 comments

untitled.jpg Learn How to 3D Print and see a real live 3D Scanning! 学习如何应用3d打印技术并观看实时三维扫描 Fee: 230rmb/person (200rmb/person for online payment) 收费:230元/人(网付200元/人) Date: June 15th 9:30am- 12:30pm 日期:6月15号上午9:30 – 12:30. Location: Shanghai Library, 1555 Middle Huaihai Road 地点:淮海中路1555号上海图书馆创新空间 What you will Learn: 您将可以了解如下内容: A brief story about 3DPrinters; 关于3d技术的简史 Setup a3DPrinter; 对3D打印机进行设置 Use the internet to Download 3D models; 从开放网络获取3D模型 Export a model using Google Sketchup 使用 google SketchUp 中导出你的模型 How to 3DPrint with Cura and Repetier Software 学习怎样使用cura 和 repetier 软件进行3D打印 Print by yourself a quick 3D model 尝试独立打印一个耗时较短的3D模型 What you will experience: 您将体验到如下内容: One person will be chosen to get 3D scanned 现场将有一人被选为模特,亲身体验3D扫描 3D printers in action 零距离接触3D打印机 a 3d Scanner in action 观看3D扫描全过程 A quick view to 3Dmodeling softwares; 概览主流3D建模软件 Optional: 可选的附加项目: If you want to have your own face scanned and later printed for an additional 350 RMB you will receive a 3DPrinted bust ofyourself by mail. 若您希望扫描并打印自己的特写,可以另附350元人民币,我们将在之后为您打印并快递送出。 Preparations: 您需要做的准备有: Bring your own laptop and pre-installsoftwares (Cura, Repetier and Sketchup) 自备笔记本电脑并预先安装三款软件:cura,repetier,google SketchUp If you have, bring your 3D printer if youdon’t have there will be printers at the workshop. 现场提供3D打印机;有3D打印机的朋友们欢迎带来进行交流。]]>

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