3d printer update: electronics and axis working

November 30th, 2011 § 0 comments

The good news is that I managed with Ricky to upload the firmware install the drivers in my laptop under windows 7 64 and make the whole thing move in every axes and the extruder to work and heat up. The bad news are that the Z axes get stuck for some strange reason I couldn’t figure out (probably is not well adjusted or the screw bars don’t turn at the same speed). The worst part of the story is that I broke one of the printed parts trying to tighten the bearings. Also I couldn’t manage to load any material into the extruder. The extruder works and gets heated but I didn’t assemble this part so I’m not sure how it works. It looks like there is not enough room for the plastic to go through the heated head so the wheels keep on turning but the plastic strand never goes through. To which Michael replied:  

Thanks for getting the motors and extruder running everyone. No worries about broken parts, we’ll fix them. As for the z axis, I noticed the right screw isn’t exactly vertical and the bearing canted to the side so it’s likely the gantry will stick either in the upper or lower positions.  Some adjustments and it should work okay. And forgot to mention how to load the plastic. Maybe the springs I installed on the extruder were too heavy…that’s why I bought some lighter springs…left those in the clear plastic trays. Have to push back the idler block (thing the 4 springs are attached to) then can feed the plastic filament in. I’ll be back Friday night but if anyone wants we can do a skype call Wed night and work out some of the details.

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