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上海静安)上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间 webwxgetmsgimg 立即报名 Register XinCheJian will host a Crossover Hackathon! Thanks to a proliferation of inexpensive SBCs (Single Board Computers), such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and an amazing array of easy-to-use sensors and actuators, the lines between programming and hardware are blurring fast. Even if you know nothing at all about hardware, you can get started in minutes and make a leap from the virtual to the physical. Along the way, you can help demonstrate why XinCheJian persists today: the vision that things can work together with open source and skills sharing. Join us to make simple hardware easy and complicated hardware possible, even if you are not an engineer. The hack-a-thon will kick off on September 19th from 18:30 – 21:00pm at XinCheJian and run from 9am on September 20th – 17:00pm on September 21st. The finalists in each theme will pitch their concept at kickoff. The winners are eligible to receive valuable prizes. Hackathon Event Dates and Details • September 20th, 2014 – concept development and hacking • September 21, 2014- Hacking and Finalist presentations, judging and awards ceremony from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. • Teams will be offered some pre-selected hardware and components. • Finalist presentations to the panel are limited to 15 minutes. Rules and Guidelines: • Max 5 people on each team • All IP belongs to team or individual • Create a quality powerpoint presentation and/or product demo • Participants will have 10 minutes to present and a 5 minute Q&A Judging Criteria: Scored 1-5 and weighed TBD Benefits: • Access to experts for product, idea validation, finalization of product, and presentation advice. • Networking Prizes: • Winner of each theme will receive valuable prizes and chance to represent XinCheJian at Makers Carnival. And more… ** Registration Deadline: 5pm on September 13th, 2014. ]]>

Hack-a-weekend PM2.5

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Hack-a-weekend PM2.5 351-027_giraffe_push_up This weekend Valentin wanted to do a little hack-a-weekend as a surprise, he had ordered parts throughout the week and unveiled the weekend plan on wednesday to a few people, what he wanted to do was represent the PM2.5 data we’ve all heard about in some fun way. His initial idea involved those push button dolls that collapse when you press them from the bottom. So with all the different PM2.5 sensors he could find the challenge began saturday. first was how do these things work! not exactly rocket science but they do mean looking up the datasheets to get the schematics and a little trial and error. then it was deciding what form it should take, perhaps a representation of a tree would be ideal! so with 3d printed parts the tree was assembled with rubber bands, unfortunately both the bands and 3d printed parts just were not working very well. IMG_20130526_180103The 3d printed parts were scrapped in favor of Ping Pong balls just because we had (100’s) left over from a little prank on Lucio’s locker, and string! IMG_20130526_235609Finally the little thing was built, hooked into the pachube/cosm/xively (or what ever you want to call yourself today) and data is starting to flow, we also had built a 2nd one so we can contrast the information and see which one is accurate to whats being captured (outside) just 800m from us at the US embassy in Shanghai. so without further a-du meet the tree! well its version 1 of the tree sitting on top of burty, so we can spend some time understanding it’s readings before making a permanent one with the choosen sensor. if you’re looking for the data, you can find it here, we’re not stating any facts and not guaranteeing the data either as we have nothing to calibrate against: the code can be found on The pm25-tree is the data from the tree using a seeedstudio dust sensor – which doesn’t seem to be there accurate, where as the pm25 is test data from a sharp sensor which so far is accurate but blowing smoke across it did not change it where as the seeedstudio one did change, only time will tell. stay tuned for more from Valentin]]>

Make+ First Meetup

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Weekly Creative Programming Meeting @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 25/03/2013

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Time: Mondays at 7PM

Location: Xinchejian – 1035 Changle Lu, 2nd floor, Near Wulumuqi Lu – 长乐路1035号2楼,近乌鲁木齐路

Wednesday Meetup – Free as in beer – or 5rmb – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 20/03/2013

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Updates this week:

  1. this week we want your 5rmb at the door, that money is going straight into the donation box
  2. Ladies, it’s your turn, sign up for 3months at XinCheJian and get 1 month for free, starting.. now
  3. XinCheJian is turning 3 this month, join us for a wild party @ the space mark your calendars the 26th of march – it’s a Tuesday – members can bring 1 guest, but please let us know if you are coming (for food and drink orders) by signing up here
  4. Roboracing – it’s on the 6th of April! 2pm – 5pm bring your 10 second cars! or your ultra fast line followers, the competition is just starting for the season, plus work on your car Thursday and Friday as it’s a tomb sweeping holiday!
  5. two new groups formed in the last 7 days, with quantified self and also creative programming.

Summary for Wednesday/本周三开放日综述

  1. 诸晓鸣 – Blind PHP/C++ Programmer making games (CN)
  2. Matthew DeBlock – DScript – a new form of writing (EN)
  3. ..You..

Wednesday Presenters/本周演讲者介绍

诸晓鸣 is Visually impaired, self taught to program in C++ and PHP and works to improve accessibility across computers for others in the same situation, from text to speech and information accessibility development and builds games! Matthew DeBlock has invented his own writing style that looks like a script language however it encodes roman alphabet, if anyone has designed a font before, now imagine how hard it is to design an entire writing style!]]>

First Creative Programming Meeting @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 18/03/2013

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The creative programming meeting aims to bring together everybody who is interested in programming.  In the first meeting we hope to find the tools to use to gather our knowledge to be able to realize together a project. All participants will have an opportunity to give a brief description of their idea (and occasionally we will breakout into smaller groups based on shared interests) In previews discussions people expressed their interest in Visualising data with D3.js: Or highlighted the simplisity of paper.js: It seems to be easy to connect javascript to everything which understands OSC in one or another way: or we do something totally different:

Time: Monday, March 18 at 7PM
Location: Xinchejian – 1035 Changle Lu, 2nd floor, Near Wulumuqi Lu – 长乐路1035号2楼,近乌鲁木齐路
Event Organizers: Olaf Hochherz

Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 06/05/2013

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3月6日周三开放日 Congratulations to those that built a 3D printer on the weekend with @Lucio鲁修 Lots of announcements this week, where to start:

  • From next week we’re going to ask you for 5rmb at the door for non-members, sign up on the night as a member and get your 5rmb back!
  • Ladies, it’s your turn, sign up for 3months at XinCheJian and get 1 month for free, starting.. now,
  • it’s XinCheJian’s 2nd anniversary this month, join us for a wild party @ the space – mark your calendars the 26th of march – it’s a Tuesday – we need help, we need your help – a BIG cake for XinCheJian’s birthday – feed 50+ people, you can make one or help organize one!
  • Robot racing – it’s on the 6th of April! 2pm – 5pm bring your 10 second cars! or your ultra fast line followers, the competition is just starting for the season, plus work on your car Thursday and Friday as it’s a tomb sweeping holiday!
  • Make+ is gaining traction, email us to find out how you can get involved.

Summary for Wednesday

We need your support this week, we have 2 fragile live demonstrations, dont touch! just look

Wednesday Presenters/本周演讲者介绍

Daedalus City project is an exciting project emerging from XinCheJian with a live demonstration wednesday evening with robots, lights, cameras and action! an amazing joint collaboration that is set to inspire you.]]>

Project City

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Metropolis“. More about the project will be in the wiki soon as we just begun. Today we built the table where the city will be installed. IMG_6316 IMG_6317 IMG_6321 IMG_6315 IMG_6329 The project will be a fusion of 3D projection and robot hardware combined with mechanics and interactive components. This project is open for all members with interest. There will be a huge part in 3D mapping/projection and this content has to be created too. The robotics and mechanical part will include Arduino based hardware for the movements, communication between the central computer and the city and interface for interactive components. If you think you could help with something then just let us know.  ]]>

VJ Chromaphase at XinCheJian this Wednesday

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Chromaphase (aka  Matthieu Tondeur) will be presenting this Wednesday at XinCheJian. In addition to having his own Wikipedia page, Matthieu is currently doing exciting 3D mapping video DJ  using Mao Livehouse as his home base. Here’s his self introduction:

I’m a french artist-designer from Paris. I’m doing 3D mapping, VJing live show with music producers, DJ, live bands, etc…
I also worked for Huawei Mobile R&D where I lead a small innovation team makingn UI and GUI for Mobile Phones. Now I’m a freelance artist working on different projects that involve live music, art expo, interactive design and video games. (and maybe robots !! haha)
What I will speak about :
1- Introduction of myself (mon parcours)
2- What about my style of 3D mapping and live show (whole creation process) [Will make a live mapping demo]
3- Showing and explain what i did with my team in Huawei Mobile and my creative management method
4- Introduce my upcoming project and ask people that have some skill to join these projetcs
Which could lead to :
3D mapping workshop (A to Z creation workshop, research, process, inspiration, technical solution, etc..)
This workshop won’t be too much about technical skills coz it’s damn easy. But it will focus on creativity, story telling, creative content creation, innovative ways to use 3d mapping… Then we can make a small show with everyone’s projects/creations. And if they are good, try to find place/gallery to show it. Content could be traditional art to processing only, depending on the interest of participants. Whatever your field, you can create something!
Here’s video of one of my latest show in Guangzhou :
And here’s a video that resume my VJ live performance for the 2011/2012 season
Thanks everyone!

Russian Invasion of Shanghai on December 17th

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Strelka are planning a visit of Shanghai and its hackerspace, XinCheJian, on December 17th from 19h00 to 21h00. Each year Strelka brings its students to one of the metropolis of the world to do research on the theme of DiY technologies and creative communities. The students are all young (23-32 years old) active persons that have already done something in different spheres of urban culture. They are looking forward to a lecture about the space, show & tell, Q&A session and a small discussion with residents of the XinCheJian space. Members with interesting projects are invited to join in to welcome our Russian guests. About Strelka Strelka Website, Strelka Flicker, Strelka Blog Strelka is an interdisciplinary institution, founded in Moscow, Russia 3 years ago. Its main topic is Urbanism and everything related to big cities and people, living there. Strelka Institute is a non-profit organization aimed at generating knowledge, producing new ideas and making them come true. Strelka lecture halls and studios provide free tuition for international young specialists with backgrounds in architecture, design, social sciences, etc. Strelka courtyard hosts open lectures, conferences and film screenings. Strelka bar provides both a place for the social networking of creative people from around the globe and a source of Strelka’s financial backing: what the bar earns goes to support the institute. Strelka is an educational centre that is open to the world and ready to share. What happens here spills out into social exchanges. The output of the institute is multidimensional: it includes graduates and their projects and involves a growing network of creativity. But, most importantly, it helps shape the reality of tomorrow. About Sergey Kasich: Sergey Kasich – experimental electronic musician, performer, sound artist, developer of interactive installations. Author of a number of Russian and Crimean festivals of experimental electronic music and technological arts. Initiator and principal curator for communities LoveLiveElectronic ( (2008-2011) and (2011-present). From 2005 to 2010 he was resident at the Theremin Center of Moscow State Conservatory by name Tchaikovsky as a freelance composer-developer. Sergey graduatedthe  psychological faculty of Moscow State University and has been pursuing a PhD study in fields of differential psychology and behavioral genetics from 2007 to 2010 (didn’t finish). He now teaches “Technologies in Interactive contemporary Art basics” course at Rodchenko’s school for Multimedia Arts and studies urbanistics in the Strelka Institute.]]>

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