Joint Wednesday Night with iTalk: ex-CEO of Foxconn Terry Cheng on “Innovation from Long Tail, Startups from Makers"

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程老今年61岁,92到97年在北京任惠普总裁 ,97年到2007年任德州仪器亚洲区总裁,2007年到2012年任富士康集团副总裁。在过去的一年中,研究了全球创客发展生态,而由于其之前几十年一直是大公司的职业经理人身份,所以他对创客发展的观点更偏向于从战略和使命层面来看。这对于目前的国内创客发展情况来看,更值得去从价值观上进行学习。


考虑到这次对这个演讲的热烈兴趣,这个开放夜将在新车间附近的湖南社区文化中心的5楼多功能会议室举行 日期:12/11号周三 时间:晚上7点 地点: 乌鲁木齐中路164号,近安福路,5楼会议室, 湖南街道文化中心 NewImage Untitled



Hacking YN460 flash with Arduino

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Quadcopter assembly workshop

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image image

Building an army of inexpensive quadcopters…


Google releases Android robot libraries – DIY Drones

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Wow, this is pretty big news for us at Xinchejian. Google releases Android robot libraries. In China, we have access to the biggest variety of Android devices, all thanks to the Shanzhai industry.

(Via DIYDrone.)


Hacking Quadcopter, Shanzhai Style!

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the one designed by kinderkram. It uses gyros from Wii Motion Plus and accelerometer from Shanzhaied Nunchuk. Read More…]]>

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