XinCheJian Roborace | 新车间机器车赛 – April 12th

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间 424px-ROBORACING-500x700 Sign Up 报名参加 时间:4月12号周日, 下午2点半 – 5点. 欣赏一下新车间前几期机器人比赛的视频。是不是很火热?快快带着你的机器人来比赛吧! 🙂 活动安排: 下午2点半~3点:测试/调试/试跑 下午3点~5点:正式比赛!!! 规则: ]]>

XinCheJian Insectbot Workshop 新车间虫虫机器人工作坊-Dec 13th

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间 600_428078772 Register 报名参加 时间:12月13号星期六,下午1:30 - 4:00 价格:新车间会员250元;非新车间会员300元。 参加人员:5岁到99岁对机器人有兴趣的小朋友!;-) 需要自己准备笔记本 包含下列材料: - Arduino微控制器板 - 舵机2个 - 超音波距离传感器1个 - 其他机器人结构材料 ]]>

Insectbot Workshop 虫虫机器人工作坊 - Nov. 1

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间 insectbot_workshop_201311 Register 报名参加 价格:新车间会员250元;非新车间会员300元。 参加人员:5岁到99岁对机器人有兴趣的小朋友!;-) 需要自己准备笔记本 包含下列材料: - Arduino微控制器板 - 舵机2个 - 超音波距离传感器1个 - 其他机器人结构材料 ]]>

XinCheJian Robot Monday 新车间周一机器人日

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间 机器人,编程,3D打印,各种新奇的名词,想学吗?或者只想和大家一起在新车间做有意思的事情?每周一晚,新车间举办周一机器人日,学习交流各类科技知识与技能。在周一机器人日,小组成员可以学习用硬件套件和pcb电路板组装机器人,对arduino编程,以及3D打印组件等。每周一晚7点开始。不见不散! 周一机器人日同时在9月8号周一下午5点-7点举行一次机器人工作坊,新车间会员免费,非会员100元。喜欢机器人的话,就加入新车间来参加工作坊吧。 ]]>

机器人工作坊 MultiploRobot Workshop – July 5th

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0088 Register 报名参加 Time: July 5th,10am – 1:30pm 时间:7月5号星期六,上午10点-下午1点半 Workshop fee: rmb250 pay onsite (rmb200 pay online) 工作坊费用:现场支付250元(网上支付200元) Age: 10+ years who is interested in robots 年龄:10岁以上且对机器人感兴趣 Robot material fee: 机器人材料费用: Option A – borrow for free, but need to return it at the end of workshop 选项A – 免费借用老师材料 Option B – 500RMB pack, and take home your own robot 选项B – 购买500元的套件,工作坊后可带回家自己制作的机器人 ***Materials to bring: windows os pc ***请携带安装Windows系统的笔记本 Multiplo是专门为了能够简单快速搭建机器人而专门设计的开源工具套件。学生可以使用遥控器但是也可以使用Arduino或者ArduBlock图形化工具对控制器进行编程,来对机器人进行控制。Multiplo的组装非常简单,而且可以轻易扩展,轻松学习机器人知识 Workshop Content: 工作坊内容: theory about robots 学习机器人基本概念和原理 free assembly workshop 机器人部件组装 robot testing with remote control 机器人遥控操作 programming robots workshop 机器人代码编程 testing and robot interactions 机器人互动控制操作]]>

Build your own sumo robot – April 13th (10am – 5pm)

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Robo Racing – Sunday 7th – 1pm – 3pm @ Shanghai Library 3rd floor

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Group Buy – Doodle bot and competition

May 17th, 2013 § 1 comment § permalink Lutz a long time member of XinCheJian has contacted them since we’re in china and negotiated a great deal if we do a group buy, our target.. at least 20 pieces and our price.. 198rmb/each if you want to get a doodle bot and not participate in the competition instead that’s fine! but if you want to get in on the competition, then it’s even more awesome! here is more information about the competition: Sign up to the XinCheJian google group (email [email protected]),  Send an email to [email protected]  titled “programming competition” with the words “i Pledge to buy X amount of Doodlebots if we succeed in our group buy” then get ready to send 198rmb to a group buy alipay account or drop into XinCheJian and hand over the cash to a staff member!  Lets put a deadline of May 22nd on this so we can hack the doodlebot sooner than later. Do not transfer or pay until Lutz gives us the word via email and verify it by checking website. Once the pledge is made, you’re on the hook for the cash!]]>

City project new video

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Project City

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Metropolis“. More about the project will be in the wiki soon as we just begun. Today we built the table where the city will be installed. IMG_6316 IMG_6317 IMG_6321 IMG_6315 IMG_6329 The project will be a fusion of 3D projection and robot hardware combined with mechanics and interactive components. This project is open for all members with interest. There will be a huge part in 3D mapping/projection and this content has to be created too. The robotics and mechanical part will include Arduino based hardware for the movements, communication between the central computer and the city and interface for interactive components. If you think you could help with something then just let us know.  ]]>

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