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Print 经由三个月,Make+艺术与科技计划终于将对世界展示自己。欢迎在8月28日到9月2日之间,来上海展览中心-瑞士科技文化中心的展厅看我们的第一个展。展览将展出Make+其中三个项目。到其官网上可以下载免费参观券。   Make+第一站@2013年上海国际科学与艺术展 “融合 — 十年纷呈” 展览地点:上海展览中心瑞士科技文中心展厅 (延安中路1000号) 展览时间: 2013年8月28日 (9:30 – 16:30) 2013年8月29日 – 9月1日 (9:00 – 16:30) 2013年9月2日 (9:00 – 15:00) 8月28日晚7点,我们还将在新车间庆祝2013年计划的结束。欢迎新车间的各位朋友来玩。下半周将会有更详细的信息。 Make+计划由林哲水创立,与新车间和视界艺术中心合作,并由DFRobot,swissnex China支持。更多信息,请见我们的官网 或新浪微博@makeplus-sh]]>

Busy week for Helper and Assistive device group

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 Code is is on github. The Helper sessions are about sharing and learning anything. The Assistive devices are used as one focus for learning.  If you would like to join in and just explore a big range of hardware including the new Xadow, a wearable Arduino, that has eight add on modules and a wearable frame to mount the modules inside, all just shipped directly from the SeeedStudio research lab – hence at least one minor issue to fix. There are also bluetooth devices, 3D printing, eyetracking and heaps of code to write, so come and join in Thursday night from 7:30, no experience required, just Xinchejian membership.   Group members also arrange to meet at other times, so make contact directly or via the mailing list to arrange! Several wiki updates including this new page for heaps more good stuff to work on!  More information is here and here.]]>

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