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Upcoming Workshops For the most updated list of upcoming Xinchejian workshops: * Wechat / Weixin: Xinchejian * Install Wechat / Weixin. Look for the Xinchejian official account.

Workshop Materials (Guides)

Many of our workshops have information that we share on our wiki. *

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Interesting in teaching?

If you’re interested in giving a workshop on some cool new technology, skill, or anything DIY (Do-it-yourself), Xinchejian would be happy to host you. * Learn more about giving a workshop

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  • 张自武说道:


  • MQ说道:

    Hi, do you host kids parties by any chance?

    • freda说道:

      Happy spring festival!
      Sure! what time you want make it ?How many kids you want join it ?

  • Hi my name is Ben im a designer and maker.
    The make community has been a big part of my like IN London and Australia so i wanted to get in touch for help.
    I am working on an art installation in shanghai and need to get some plywood basses laser cut. does anybody in the community have any good contacts for large scale low volume?
    Thanks for your help,


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