theNelson launches his first product

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Human LED Human LED[/caption] So for those that might remember or have met theNelson, he dropped out of berkley by taking the thiel fellowship (resize the browser to see him on the right side) and has now released his first product of that, think social, think sharing, think music.. it’s all that in one! – If you are a member of XinCheJian contact [email protected] for a discount code! theNelson is a special case, he joined XinCheJian in the early days on An Hua lu space, many many hours were given, he ran Designing your own PCB workshops which got a lot of people started almost 3 years ago, designed the first robo-racing shield that most still use and hack for other purposes and drops by as much as he can, he’s back mid may for a drop in to update us on how his new venture is going, oh, and i (Paul) still don’t think he’s 21! This is one small step for him in his future, we expect many many more! Here’s a few links and a funny photo i dug up:


Everything you want to know about Electronics Market in Shanghai but are afraid to ask…

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a comprehensive map of electronic markets in Shanghai
View 上海电子市场 in a larger map]]>

Jiu Xing Market – Maker's Big Helpers in Shanghai

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Jiu Xing Market is one of the best place to go for markets for everything except electronics. The market is over 1 million square meter with over 7000 shops and stores for all sort of building materials. Most of the shops offer customization and build to order services. For this who reads Chinese, Baidu has a great page on it. Here is a map. NewImage Lutz and I took a quick morning walks around the area. The steel section are full of small shops no bigger then 40 sqm and impressive machines.

Photos by David

DSC 0464

DSC 0461

DSC 0468

DSC 0462

Photos by Lutz

IMG 0947

IMG 0945

IMG 0957

IMG 0949

IMG 0956

IMG 0950

IMG 0955

IMG 0946

We should organize a tour there for the members of XinCheJian! ;)]]>

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