Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 12/12/2012

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Congratulations to those that built a 3D printer on the weekend, Lucio was excited and nervous to host this workshop, being his first ever one! You’ve all done very well and not given up! Look out for more improvements and more workshops from High Energy – i don’t sleep – Lucio!

Summary for Wednesday/本周三开放日综述

胡介鸣 – BlackBoxlab
Alex Cureton-Griffiths – SpaceGAMBIT

Wednesday Presenters/本周演讲者介绍

胡介鸣 will be presenting blackboxlab and some of their installation work done previously and how you can also get involved. Using art, electronics, design, interaction, any action! check out

Alex from SpaceGAMBIT will hopefully be presenting this evening, it’s been hard to pin him down, so we just tied a rope to his rocketship!

who else? *your name here* it’s also adhoc, so get ready, just keep it to 9 minutes plus Q&A afterwards

Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 26/09/2012

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XinCheJian will be active during the october holiday, opening from 10am until 9pm or the last man out the door, for those that didn’t make it to the 3D printing workshop on the weekend it was a great success! this thursday we have the makers photo session, so if you want to get your electronic portaits on join David and Lutz with your projects for an awesome photo shoot, our previous shots can be found here:

Wednesday Presenters

Lionello Lunesu (Lio) will be talking about Demo Scene computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills, so join him, and “just make it!”

Paul Adams will be giving us a behind the scenes tour of the Beijing design week project he’s working on right now – live from Beijing, two huge visualization, interaction and responsive installations at cMoDa in Beijing about to open on Friday.

Open Source General Purpose Software Radio Platform

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Shyu Lee from Meteroi came by the space and he wants to help with ARM/FPGA classes,  buying components, spare parts and providing some of his own hardware so members can experiment.

His big project at the moment is software radio with hardware-acceleration. The hardware component will have a USB and/or Ethernet interface to PC to be compatible with GNURadio. Another similar project, from Microsoft, is SORA. His innovation is to provide an higher performance hardware solution; while other solutions rely on computers for processing and ADC/DAC interface to do the data acquisition, he has everything done in hardware. He’s currently looking for a supportive university or other organization to support his work full-time for 3 to 5 years so he can focus on software integration and hardware improvements. You can read the proposal “An Open Source General Purpose Software Defined Radio Development Platform” (note that the project name will be changed because of trademark conflict).

He’s also really interested in space communication; one of his project is to bounce a radio signal off the moon. Radio communication with space will be very useful to communicate with our space robots as part of the 100YSS project.

He’ll be giving a class on ARM and FPGA at XinCheJian Saturday December 10th using his own development platform, DevStation 1000E. He will be leaving one development station for members interested in getting some practical skills after the introductory session at XinCheJian (Register Now!)

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