Kevin Yu's Internship Review

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On learning Hydroponics at Xinchejian

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  • Can I keep a few plants alive and hopefully, get some nice veggies to eat?
  • What can I do to scale a home hydroponics system for yield and longevity?
  • Is the result or yield worth the time invested for the average person?
  • Answering all of these questions is the optimal outcome. Frankly though, if the only thing I get at the end of this is some nice jalapenos to garnish a salad with, I will be happy. I freaking love jalapenos. Roger already had some young plants sprouted and ready for transplantation. I like variety, so I went with a tomato, cucumber, and jalapeno plant. We filled buckets with Leca (Lightweight expanded clay aggregate). These small, porous clay rocks will act as a medium for the plants roots to sit in. The pores in the clay rocks allow the nutrient solution to wash over the roots and then easily drain out so as not to suffocate. image1 Once the roots were firmly in place, the next step was to get our shelves set up in the enclosure. It was a bit of a mess… image2 But once we cleared it out there was plenty of space. We then set up our watering system. Here’s an overview of the system and how it works. Basically, we filled a reservoir (bucket) with a nutrient solution (food for the plants). The water pump will rest inside this container and periodically pump the nutrient solution through the hoses to our plants, washing over the roots and flowing through a drainage system back into the reservoir. We didn’t have a proper hose outlet so I 3d printed one. (It’s nice find practical uses for my printer.) The pump is hooked up to an electrical outlet with a timer so we can easily set a schedule for feeding. Here’s a shot of the hose assembly. image3image4 Here’s a shot of my plants after running the hoses to them. image5 I’m excited to see these grow over the next few months. I’m excited to see what else I can learn about plants in the process. And, I am especially excited about jalanpenos.”]]>

    Yu Sun's Intern Report

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    XinCheJian's Second Makers' Hour | 新车间的第二次“创客一小时”

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    1102926626   上周第一次莅临的吴先生希望把Raspberry Pi 带入他正在做的无线穿戴式相机中。 1129904720 这三位年轻人研发的的摩托车即将上市。他们希望在配件的安全帽上可以有蓝牙耳机功能。 860826492 这位先生制作的LED平板灯可以通过手机软件无线控制其亮度及色温。他认为灯的色温可以影响一个人的情绪以及工作效率。 新车间鼓励创客们在周三开放夜来展示自己的创作。分享者可以通过与小伙伴们探讨,互相学习,并获得更多的想法与支持和解决问题的方法。也希望通过互相学习了解,真正在创作的创客们能够在新车间找到志同道合的伙伴,共同完成创作项目。’创客一小时’仅限有实际项目的小伙伴们参加,项目范围需与智能硬件物联网等相关。欢迎小伙伴们携带自己的项目参与! ]]>

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