theNelson launches his first product

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Human LED Human LED[/caption] So for those that might remember or have met theNelson, he dropped out of berkley by taking the thiel fellowship (resize the browser to see him on the right side) and has now released his first product of that, think social, think sharing, think music.. it’s all that in one! – If you are a member of XinCheJian contact [email protected] for a discount code! theNelson is a special case, he joined XinCheJian in the early days on An Hua lu space, many many hours were given, he ran Designing your own PCB workshops which got a lot of people started almost 3 years ago, designed the first robo-racing shield that most still use and hack for other purposes and drops by as much as he can, he’s back mid may for a drop in to update us on how his new venture is going, oh, and i (Paul) still don’t think he’s 21! This is one small step for him in his future, we expect many many more! Here’s a few links and a funny photo i dug up:


Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 16/05/2012

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=Wednesday Presenters= theNelson is back for a week, and he’ll be talking about RankBin and his Solar Charger. Team Swarmbots will be giving us a little update and a way to join the team. Axel aka Guttertec from FabLab, Cologne co-working space Will be giving us the insight into his latest projects and projects out of FabLab. Steve Dalton visiting from Gold Coast TechSpace ( in Australia will talk to us about their space and their projects. =Workshops= * Portraits of Makers Photoshoot! – 2012/05/24 Dress in your best birthday suit, round 2 of “stars in their eyes” by the Shanghai Strobist Group ( will be taking place, dont forget to bring your projects. Help us out and sign up so we know how many are coming * 机器车竞赛 – Roboracing Competition – 2012/06/24 Ladies and Gentleman it’s time to start your engines, keep a lookout on the wiki page for the latest line follower course, if you havn’t already built a car, Now is the time, for reference the track line is 1″ wide (same thickness as electrical tape) – Sign up if you’re racing]]>

Milkymist One video synthesizer

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Milkymist One来新车间一月十一日, 现在注册!

Milkymist One 是一台不用接电脑,可以即开即用的视频合成器,它可以将现场输入的音频和视频转换成奇妙的视觉艺术效果,通过投影仪或显示屏展现出来。它可以用在音乐会,演出,俱乐部,艺术节,会展,和聚会中。
对于更高级的和更具创造性的用途,Milkymist One 还提供了如下的接口:
  • MIDI 设备/控制器
  • DMX512 输入/输出
  • OpenSoundControl 客户端
  • USB 电脑键盘及鼠标
  • 红外线遥控器
简单而又丰富的 Flickernoise Patching (FNP) 语言,让任何一个人都能创造出独特而具个性化的视觉艺术效果,即便你不懂任何计算机语言也没有关系。
对于开源软件和硬件的爱好者来说,Milkymist One 是你新的选择。
  • XC6SLX45 Spartan-6 FPGA
  • 128MB 32-bit DDR400 SDRAM
  • 32MB parallel flash
  • VGA output, 24bpp, up to 140MHz pixel clock
  • Multi-standard video input (PAL/SECAM/NTSC)
  • AC’97 audio
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • Memory card reader that accepts microSD cards
  • Two USB-A receptacles that accept USB peripherals
  • Two DMX512 ports
  • MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports
  • RC5-compatible infrared receiver
  • RS232 debug port
  • JTAG port
  • Flickernoise VJ 应用软件
  • RTEMS real-time 操作系统
  • YAFFS flash 文件系统
  • Verilog HDL code for Milkymist SOC (LM32 CPU, MIDI, DMX, etc)
  • libpng, libjpeg, openjpeg 和 jbig2dec 图片解压库.
  • freetype font rendering system.
  • MuPDF library for the online help system.
  • MTK, a modified version of the Genode FX embedded GUI toolkit.
  • liboscparse, a variant of liblo, for OpenSoundControl communications.
Milkymist One 是大家共同努力的结果,包括它的设计者 Sébastien Bourdeauducq (,它的开发者和参与者 Qi Hardware 社区的软硬件工程师们 (,还有它的制造商 Sharism at Work Ltd (。
在下面的网站中,你可以找到更多有关 Milkymist One 的信息:

"Cooking" a product: 3 hungry hackers needed! (Chinese event)

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活动描述: 厨师:由硬件高手、社会企业家和设计师组成,共9位。 厨房:新车间创客空间。 主料:新车间精心挑选了一些新鲜的时令硬件组件。 创意风味美食:一个创意的产品原型!

  • 活动参与方式:中文, 下午6:30 – 晚上10:30
  • 下午6:30:
    • 新车间是干什么的?
    • MakeSense是一个什么样的组织?
    • 对此次活动的简介。
    • 提问&回答
  • 下午6:50:每位厨师的自我介绍(每人3分钟)
  • 下午7:15:组建团队(3队,每队三人:1位硬件高手,1位社会企业家和1位设计师)
  • 下午7:20:团队沟通
  • 下午7:45:决定要“烹饪”的创意产品>开工!
  • 晚上10:15:完成“食物”,饭局开始(分享,傻乐和交谈)
  • 晚上10时30分:厨房闭幕
所以现在:参加还是不参加这个饭局?这还用考虑吗,快来加入吧。 招募:三位饥肠辘辘的硬件高手!报名吧:[email protected]]]>

Open Source General Purpose Software Radio Platform

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Startup Sauna (Finland) @ XCJ

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Startup Sauna is a non-profit from Finland. They do not provide funding but coaching (different from mentoring…). The delegation (from left to right in the picture) was made up of Jevgeni Peltola (specializing in doing business in Russia), Antti Ylimultka (board member) and Peter Vesterbacka (also working at Rovio who are opening an office in Shanghai). They want to create a startup hub in Helsinki by inviting selected startups internationally to come and spend 8 weeks in Finland in an intense marathon. They’re looking for ideas that can work globally and good teams. Expect a warm-up event in Shanghai at the beginning of 2012.



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