Aquaponics workshop

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home Aquaponics
home Aquaponics
  The Subject : How to build a home Aquaponics system By Mr. Song and Mr. Bian The Time:Dec 1st 1pm-3pm The address:1035 Changle Rd, 2nd floor, Xuhui District, Shanghai Material(provided): plastic basin glass tank tubes 2W aquarium pump timer ceramics Fee:160Yuan/person Goal: Everybody who attends this workshop could make a aquaponics system to take home, and learn how to do it. 主题:鱼菜共生工作坊 时间:12月1日下午1点至3点 地址:长乐路1035号2楼 材料(提供): 塑料水盆、玻璃鱼缸、管件、2瓦鱼缸泵、定时器、陶粒。 费用:160元/人 目的:教你如何做家用鱼菜共生系统,你可以现场做一个带回家!  ]]>

Makerspace & Education Workshop

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Over the weekend, we hosted a “Makerspace & Education Workshop” in collaboration with IMA of NYU Shanghai. Thanks for Marianne Petit for arranging everything. More info and photos can be found here and here.

Opening by Marianne Petit

Marianne prepared her opening speech in Mandarin and delivered it beautifully!




Learning about assistive technology


XinCheJian and Makerspace by David Li


Make your own device by Huang Zhenxin

Teacher Huang is now a regular presentor of Wednesday open night in XinCheJian. He brought a lot of his home made devices. The photo is a wireless powered LED submerged in water. The power source is hacked from a electronic hot plate. Amazing ingenuity!

NewImage NewImage

Afternoon Workshops on Lasercutter by Vivian Xu, 3D printing by Marianne Petit, Arduino by Ricky Ye and Ardublock by David Li

NewImage NewImage NewImage NewImage NewImage

Xie Zuoru from Wenzhou presenting his STEAM class


Wu Junjie presented Edumaker


NYU IMA students presnted their mid-term projects

NewImage NewImage NewImage

Ding Xiaoyong presented classic Chinese architecture works


Chen Tong from SIVA presented his work on integrating folk craft into art school


[Upcoming Workshops] MSP/Jitter, InsectBot and Arduino

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Workshops | 工作坊

Learn how to make all kinds of stuffs! 

MSP/Jitter Workshop (Nov 9-10) Max is the environment you use to create visual programs, called patches, plus a set of building blocks (called objects) used in those programs. MSP is a set of Max objects for audio and signal processing. Jitter is a set of Max objects for video, graphics, and matrix data processing. 

MAX是您使用的环境,创造视听节目,被称为修补程序,加上这些程序中使用了一套积木(称为对象)。 MSP是一组音频信号处理的最大对象。Jitter是最大的一组视频,图形和矩阵数据处理的对象。

Two days workshop for


Sing up!

(Nov 16 2pm) 虫虫机器人
(11月16号 2pm)

Come build your world-destroying INSECTBOT.

Audience: any person aged from 5 ~ 99 interested in robotics 😉
Bring your own notebook

The Insectbot kit includes the following:
- Arduino board
- 2 Servo
- 1 Ultrasound distance sensor
- Other materials for the robot structures 参加人员:5岁到99岁对机器人有兴趣的小朋友!;-)

- Arduino微控制器板
- 舵机2个
- 超音波距离传感器1个
- 其他机器人结构材料

4 hours workshop


Sign Up!

Get Started with Arduino 

(Nov 17) Arduino入门工作坊
Content of the workshop:
* Introduction to Arduino: board, IDE
* Build a few interesting circuit with a breadboard and Protoboard (soldering)
* Followed by a discussion and Q&A 内容:

* 入门Arduino(IDE /编程/挂接传感器)
* 动手做几个简单的电路与编程、实验板焊接
* 讨论与问答


4 hours workshop


Sign Up!

[Upcoming Workshops | 工作坊预告] InsectBot and Arduino

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Insectbot Workshop (English) on November 16 2:00 PM insectbot_workshop_201311

Introduction to Arduino (English) on November 17 2:00 PM

arduino ]]>

LET MUSIC TALK 【Speech】Nov 10 1pm-3pm In Xinchejian

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The Subject : The Aesthetics of Music and My Attitude towards Musical Improvisation By Lionel Marchetti, The Time:Nov 10 1pm-3pm The address:1035 Changle Rd, 2nd floor, Xuhui District, Shanghai Imagine what musical rhythms will like be when music meets “Concrete” and aesthetics. On this upcoming Nov 10, we are to invite Lionel Marchetti, the noted French Musique Concrete composer, to Xinchejian to share with us the aesthetics of music and his attitude towards musical improvisation. This speech for music is more like a performance than a mere formal speech. Due to the limited number of seats, applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 1. Musique Concrète, meaning concrete music, is a form of contemporary music. In addition to sounds derived from musical instruments, it uses voices or sounds recorded from nature. The theoretical basis of musique concrète as a compositional practice began in the early 1940s, developed by Pierre Schaeffer and other musicians. 2. Lionel Marchetti is a noted French electroacoustic music composer and improvised musician, a sound and visual artist and a poet. He is an educator as well. Contents: 1. A brief introduction to Musique Concrete 2. Music works sharing 3. An introduction to the aesthectics of electroacoustic music 4.An introduction to musical improvisation and the composer’s attitude towards it 主题:莱昂内尔•马尔凯蒂;来自法国具象音乐作曲家的音乐美学和即兴音乐态度 当浪漫遇到具象,音乐遇见美学,想象这样的音乐会是什么样的旋律嘛?11月10日下午1点到3点莱昂内尔•马尔凯蒂将在新车间,分享主题—来自法国具象音乐作曲家的音乐美学和即兴音乐态度—-音乐专场演说,记住是“演说”,不是演讲,席位有限,预定赶早。 1、所谓“具象音乐”(Musique Concrete) ,也就是用自然界或人类发出的声音(乐器以外)作为原始素材而以各种录音及音响手法加工制作出的现代音乐。40年代末由法国人 Pierre Schaeffer、 Pierre Henry 等人首创,是法国对现代音乐的重要贡献。 2、莱昂内尔•马凯蒂是今天法国电子音乐和即兴音乐的代表音乐家之一。也是一位诗人和视觉艺术家。他是一位活跃的作曲家、即兴演奏者、声音艺术家和教育家。 分享内容: 1、 简单介绍他眼中的具象音乐; 2、 介绍和展示自己的音乐创作; 3、 介绍和分享电子原音音乐的美学; 4、 分享什么叫做即兴音乐与即兴音乐创作的态度; 公主坊海报20131110]]>

Wednesday Open Night (Oct 30)

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Another packed open night in XinCheJian


Aaron MC the event for the first time!


Teacher Huang’s lecture

Teacher Huang teaches high school in Shanghai and found out about XinCheJian on the news. He has been bringing all the educational gadgets to open Wednesday nights!



Aquaponics system by Mr. Bian and Mr. Song

Mr. Bian and Mr. Song introduced the aquaponics system they have been building.


Hydrogen reactor





Rick Chen, founder and CEO of presented the company.



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