XinCheJian and the 100 YEAR STARSHIP STUDY

June 4th, 2011 § 3 comments

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) 100 YEAR STARSHIP™ STUDY” The research and work required to build such a starship will itself take decades to answer the challenges of interstellar travel. So the question is: what is the organization best suited to host this research while maximizing the benefits to humanity? It seems obvious that the nascent movement of technology-oriented communities that are hackerspaces is the best way to host that kind of research and to make sure that the positive results of that research is made available to all. This is why, 24 hours before the deadline, we solicited hackerspaces around the world to join in a response to the Request For Information. The result in itself speaks to the power of our global community; in that extremely short laps of time, we were able to write up collaboratively and submit an answer suggesting a Global Hackerspaces Consortium. The document is the result of the joint editing efforts of five different hackerspaces from Melbourne, Shanghai, San Francisco, Brooklyn and Maui. If we are asked to submit a proposal to a Request For Proposal, we expect to have a lot more hackerspaces join us in taking up this challenge. Although our participation to this is a long shot, this is clearly a demonstration that as the hackerspace movement grows, we can expect our scope and impact to increase. Read our answer to the RFI here: Global Hackerspaces Consortium and the 100 YEAR STARSHIP STUDY.]]>

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