Hack-a-weekend PM2.5

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Hack-a-weekend PM2.5


This weekend Valentin wanted to do a little hack-a-weekend as a surprise, he had ordered parts throughout the week and unveiled the weekend plan on wednesday to a few people, what he wanted to do was represent the PM2.5 data we’ve all heard about in some fun way. His initial idea involved those push button dolls that collapse when you press them from the bottom.

So with all the different PM2.5 sensors he could find the challenge began saturday. first was how do these things work! not exactly rocket science but they do mean looking up the datasheets to get the schematics and a little trial and error. then it was deciding what form it should take, perhaps a representation of a tree would be ideal! so with 3d printed parts the tree was assembled with rubber bands, unfortunately both the bands and 3d printed parts just were not working very well.

IMG_20130526_180103The 3d printed parts were scrapped in favor of Ping Pong balls just because we had (100’s) left over from a little prank on Lucio’s locker, and string!

IMG_20130526_235609Finally the little thing was built, hooked into the pachube/cosm/xively (or what ever you want to call yourself today) and data is starting to flow, we also had built a 2nd one so we can contrast the information and see which one is accurate to whats being captured (outside) just 800m from us at the US embassy in Shanghai.

so without further a-du meet the tree! well its version 1 of the tree sitting on top of burty, so we can spend some time understanding it’s readings before making a permanent one with the choosen sensor.

if you’re looking for the data, you can find it here, we’re not stating any facts and not guaranteeing the data either as we have nothing to calibrate against: https://xively.com/feeds/135383882

the code can be found on https://github.com/xinchejian/pm2.5-arduino

The pm25-tree is the data from the tree using a seeedstudio dust sensor – which doesn’t seem to be there accurate, where as the pm25 is test data from a sharp sensor which so far is accurate but blowing smoke across it did not change it where as the seeedstudio one did change, only time will tell.

stay tuned for more from Valentin

Make+ First Meetup

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Weekly Creative Programming Meeting @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 25/03/2013

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The creative programming meeting aims to bring together everybody who is interested in programming.

In the “First Creative Programming Meeting” we discussed the meaning of creativity in relation to programming. Two ideas appeared, on the one hand creativity in the finding of solutions for problems and on the other hand using programming for creative “aesthetic products” (art, music, design). Easer of this ideas appeals to you, you might find somebody in the group.

Format for the now starting “Weekly Creative Programming Meeting” on Monday evenings, is ‘present a problem’ and ‘retrieve different solutions’. Each week a few people can bring their current projects and explain their problems, when the problem “activates” some creativity of the participants it might develop into a “creative” solution finding group.

Feel free to invent a problem and bring it to xinchejian on monday evenings!

Time: Mondays at 7PM
Location: Xinchejian – 1035 Changle Lu, 2nd floor, Near Wulumuqi Lu – 长乐路1035号2楼,近乌鲁木齐路

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