Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 27/06/2012

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=Wednesday Presenters= Huang Xinyu – Android/IR remote control, talking about hacking a standard IR plug and controlling any IR device possible, is this the all in one remote, straight from the power socket? Robin Zhang will be talking about and demoing interfacing with an Arduino through an iPhone/iPad directly and saving over US$40 and it’s MFi approved! This guy will be talking about building devices to monitor PH levels along with dissolved Oxygen and controlling the water to have 4 thermoclines, using a Zigbee network and finally passing the data back over a GSM network, in near real time, making commercial fishery management that much simpler R&D director Joan Llabata a multimedia Artist, developer and film maker from Spain and also the director of the R&D hacklab at GreenHouseCore in Shanghai. He studied computer engineering and arts in Spain but never graduated he was won many awards, he’ll be talking on Arts as a developer, the create perspective, conceptualizing, design and production of interactive systems, it’s exactly what we do, with more planning]]>

Fogger and Bubble bucket framing system online

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Fogger aeroponic:

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Wednesday Presenters

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Ariel Yotam is sharing with us what life in the village is like, and show a few solar products that are already helping villagers.
 some solar products
Oscar as know at weibo named @口琴小子 shared with us the experience of creating their own DIY drum set.
Jackie from the hydroponics team was share with us the progress of “odor of oregano”.
Barry Xu come from DFRobot shared with us the ultimate tool for urban farming: Ecoduino. Really handy and easy to use tool for wireless green home monitoring.

XInCheJian on Arting365

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XinCheJian on Grand Design magazine

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“odor of oregano” progress week 2 (20120618)

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Aquaponic Update

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IMG 1726

IMG 1727

IMG 1728


"odor of oregano" progress week 1 (20120613)

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instead of traditional seedling from seeds, we are trying to grow roots in water and coconut peat bases from fresh oregano plant (stems with leaves). after 1 week, more than 50% oregano has grown its own roots. finding:

  • oregano grows taller with more leaves in coconut peat than in water,but with less and smaller roots
  • in the same water base, oregano grows more and roots with lightening compares to those under sunlight.

Maker Portraits

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here is our Flickr group Maker Portraits May 24 2012 Maker Portraits May 24 2012 - Social Network Glasses Maker Portraits May 24 2012 - It's mine!!! Maker Portraits May 24 2012 - Soldering robot arm Makers@XCJ Makers@XCJ Makers@XCJ]]>

Urban Farming Lab

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Ebb and Flow system IMG 2913

PH, Temperature and Conductivity PPM meter

IMG 2909

LED growing lights

IMG 2915

Fish Tank for Aquaponic

IMG 2882]]>

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