Squishy Circuit Workshop Recap

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Sunny demonstrates how to “cook” the circuit.

Cute Kuma (bear) with LED necklace.
Joshua’s storm trooper?
Dino from one of the kids.

XinCheJian on Modern Weekly

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Modern Weekly did a nice report on Maker in China featuring Beijing Hackerspace and XinCheJian. IMG 2410 IMG 2408 IMG 2409]]>

Wednesday night (03/22/2012) recap

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Tony Zhang from Neurosky He brought their brainwave reading and EKG measuring system.

Hans Bao from Innovati

Hans came in from Taiwan to talk about his Commander system. And show off their kick ass humanoid.

Paper robot from Innovati and Hans gift to the hackerspace.

Sunny and Squishy Circuit

I can’t wait for the Sunday workshop! 😉

Stanley and Arduino/ODB

Stanley is back to talk more about hacking car with Arduino and ODB.

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Who's ready for a roborace? Sunday

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Wednesday Meetup – innovati came and visited us..

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Summary of 3D Printer(movie)

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3D Printing Wednesday Night

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Stephany and her R2B2 Makerbot

Michael and the RepRap

Valentin and his social glasses

Stanley and the ProEmulator

Zhang Chen and the overview of 3D printing in manufacture

Heart Shape LED


Wednesday night with 3D Printing

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A few days ago, Jeremy’s Weibo got retweeted over a thousand times and shows a lot of interests in 3D Printing and related technology. In this week’s Wednesday night event, we invite a few speakers to give talks on their experience with 3D printers

Cheng Zhang a MCAD&PLM Competitive Strategy Specialis be giving a talk on Open engineering and will help to debunk myths on 3D printing.


Staphany will discuss her experience building two Makerbots


Michael will talk about the state of RepRap in XinCheJian

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Aquaponic update from Roger Mu

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Roger Mu who presented his home farm a few weeks ago just sent a few pictures to share. Some pretty nice tomatoes

01302012035 01302012038 01302012037]]>

vvvv workshop

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Introduction to vvvv workshop at Xinchejian; a multimedia development environment. Next week: advanced practical workshop.]]>

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