Promoting Makers on the street

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Maker Carnival on the container hackerspace currently in front Grand Gateway in Xujiahui, Shanghai. This being the one of the busiest intersections in Shanghai, we have attract a lot of interested and meet interesting people. Thanks for the volunteers from our space, Make+ and DFRobot.

Busy event

DSC 2488

Make+ and brain matter!

DSC 2473

Firefly from Make+

DSC 2516 DSC 2546

The Snake Robot steals the show

DSC 2528

The kids can’t get enough of the snake

DSC 2479 DSC 2518 DSC 2520 DSC 2534 DSC 2537

Beauties and snake… That’s how men got into trouble in the first place? 🙂

DSC 2522

Mr. Wen built the snake and explain to visitors about it

DSC 2540

Boys and robots

DSC 2466 DSC 2526

People are still trying to figure out this 3D printing thing…

DSC 2462 DSC 2503 DSC 2511 DSC 2513

Boys and Sumo Robots




Indeed, 3D printing will not only attract man…

IMG_3607 IMG_3591 IMG_3608

Prime location in Xujiahui. Crowded place with many people stopping at the container.

IMG_3582 IMG_3583

Volunteers got a personal photo with two beautiful girls


Making ghost photos with long exposure and flash

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What’s a night hanging out at the pop up hackerspace in Xu Jia Hui without some long exposure and flash fun! Lumi and David are both long time Strobist and can’t pass the chance to have some fun creating ghost photos while looking after the container.

How to make ghost photos?

The ghost photos are made with long exposure, in this case, f/20 and 5 second shutter, two flashes (one on the floor and one on the top of the container). The subjects ran into the positions, trigger the flash the manually with a remote and ran out of the frame. The flash froze the subject in place against the long exposure background and appear translucent.








Pop Up Hackerspace in Grand Gateway Mall

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The Pop Up Hackerspace in the container made it to XuJiaHui this week in front of the Grand Gateway Mall. This is one of the busiest intersection in Shanghai. Jointly with Make+ and Shanghai Maker Carnival, there will be workshops, presentations and robot races on Sep 28th!







Special Wednesday Open Night on the Bund

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the Pop Up Hackerspace in a Container.

Presentations Lineup

Introduction of XinCheJian


Introduction of Make+


XinCheJian RoboRace


Shine Shanghai, Bamboo and 3D Print

Untitled Untitled

OBD hack






Parametric design and 3D printing






How to get there

Take Line 2 to Lujiazhu Station and take exit toward Shanghai Aquarium. Follow the photos below.

Walk toward the Pearl Tower

DSC 0060

Cross the street the turn right

DSC 0060

Pass the Aquarium

DSC 0058

Turn left on Dongyuan Lu when you see Foxconn

DSC 0056

Go to then end of Dongyuan Lu and through the narrow path

DSC 0054

You are here!!!

DSC 0051

The Stage

IMG 5613]]>

The World's First Pop Up Hackerspace in a Container

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We built a Pop Up Hackerspace in a container as part of the Make+ for accelerating Makers’ project through Art. This is first to be host at  the Creative Carnival in Shanghai. It’s done and opened over the weekend! It has been a success attracting a lot of visitors interested in 3D printing, robotics and Maker Culture! People come to see projects by the local makers, take workshop on Arduino and 3D printing and having fun talking to the makers. The pop up hackerspace will start its journey around China after the Shanghai Maker Carnival on Oct 19-20.

Lining up to see Maker’s Works!


Vivi working her art on the container


Sumo Robot!


The Ham is here! Antenna went up!


Kids having fun with Sumo Robot!


Passing by taking photos of the space


Wonder of 3D Printing!


People working on their projects at the space


Nice skyscrapers of Pudong as backdrop


Night falls!

DSC_0402 DSC_0405

Vivi works wonder on the container


Two 3D Printer experts talking shop about new printer


Doraemon robot built by a team of 10 years old!


Flying machine!


Freda’s talking cat painting


Qichen’s brainwave and LED heart hack!




Hackerspace at night


Amazing view from the pop up hackerspace!



Trip plan




3D Printing Workshop – 9.1.kickoff

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3D Printing Michael Peng will host a series of workshops on 3D printing, to make ideas real. We will start from the basic knowledge, brainstorming, design with 3D model software, and finish with 3D printing your ideas. September 1, 2pm, xinchejian, Workshop Kickoff Michael will show us from a small project, scan an daily object, toy, cups, etc… or a body part, finger, ear, ankle…and use the data to design a new object, and PRINT! He will also show the basic knowledge of 3D printing, its’ beginning, development and the future. Brainstorm, what can we do, what knowledge and tools should we have. Cross discipline collaboration and cool ideas. Workshops Study: 3 or 4 weekend of nights Learn how to use a pritner, what is STL file, which software can be used for 3D modeling Learn how to use Rhino and Grasshopper. 3Ds MAX & Sketchup. Processing, notes, arduino. Make your Own: 4 to 6 weekend of weeknights Workshop will based on students’ personal projects. We will use the 3D scanning, printing and software knowledge we learned, to make individual projects: toys, jewellery, models, interactive projects, robots…. final review Instructor: Michael Peng Architect, Gensler Architect Firm, Asia Tech Director Founder of DADA – Chinese Architecture Forum, Mathematical architecture design Found of DigiInt Michael has taught in Hong Kong University, School of architecture in Shanghai, Digital Media lab. His research is focusing on the collaboration of  forward thinking mathematical technology and design. He has been invited to lecture in many different universities and international forums. Michael is responsible for the design and building of the tallest building in China now – the 632 meter Shanghai Center. As the core member of this project, Michael used the innovative mathematical design platform to systematically improve the overall design.]]>

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