新车间 Xīnchējiān (Shànghǎi Makerspace)

Sunday, March 13th 2011 is an historic day in the world of Makerspaces worldwide as the lease for a new 100 m2 space for the first Shànghǎi Makerspace Xīnchējiān community is signed at Shànghǎi AnHuà road number 76, suite 301 in the Changníng district. We’ve since moved in April 2012 to a new location at the corner of Wulumuqi and Changle.
Xīnchējiān goal is to support, create and promote physical computing, open source hardware and Internet of Things:
In the broad sense, physical computing is a creative framework for understanding human beings’ relationship to the digital world. In practical use, the term most often describes handmade art, design or DIY hobby projects that use sensors and micro-controllers to translate analog input to a software system, and/or control electromechanical devices such as motors, servos, lighting or other hardware.
Xīnchējiān is initially established as a benevolent dictatorship with Min Lin Hsieh, David Li and Ricky Ng-Adam at the helm. The three founders will provide a guaranteed budget for the first year and will serve the needs of the founding members to design, fund, construct and publicize physical computing projects.
Xīnchējiān founders will be combining these contributions :
  • Min Lin Hsieh (谢旻琳) financial, organizational, marketing skills and experience in helping engineering projects and clubs. These skills will be essential to ensuring the eventual self-sustainability of the space as she volunteers full-time for Xīnchējiān.
  • David Li (李大维) network of contacts in the local community, passion and respect they hold for his technical achievements and knowledge of open hardware. David is pledging half of the first year budget to develop and support the space.
  • Ricky Ng-Adam (伍思力) ambitious ideas, engineering experience, strategic planning, community-building and evangelistic skills. Ricky is also pledging to match David investment into the space.
Founders will create a community federated with the global community of makerspaces across the world. The community will favor fun, creativity, teamwork, problem-solving and openness to provide a learning and development opportunity to the Chinese people.
Xīnchējiān founding members selection is based on the strength of ideas proposed as they relate to physical computing. Affordable membership monthly fees with access to tools and components is offered to those that can show the passion to build with us a great community. Workshops, meetups and various outreach efforts will be organized to further our educational goals, recruit more members and ensure the long term prosperity of the space.
Our financial management of the space will be public and transparent and profits (if any) from memberships, sponsorships and activities will be reinvested into Xīnchējiān and Xīnchējiān’s projects. Our ambitious goal is to open or help open Makerspaces in every major city in China as we create a reproducible recipe adapted to China’s market.

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