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Shanghai 247 for the great article on XinCheJian. Untitled]]>

Tilapia from Guangxi

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1st mini workshop run by Urban Farming Team @ XinCheJian (2012-07-28)

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Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 25/07/2012

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Summary for Wednesday On Saturday at 2:30pm in XinCheJian David will be doing a mini workshop for 30 minutes, on starting seedlings for hydroponics, he needs your help, it’s free for members to attend, if you’re not a member, sign up before the workshop. What great weather we’ve had this week? t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. we’ve strip it it down even further at XinCheJian, we’re going naked – free yourself! Presentations

  • Shiyin Cai – Dialogue in the dark
  • Bernard Xiong – RTOS/RT-Thread
  • Aler Gu – 17 year making with fast contributions
Wednesday Presenters Shiyin Cai from Dialogue in the dark a China NGO raises awareness of issues facing visually impaired, expect total darkness (Or as best we can). Bernard Xiong from Real time operating system and lead developer, he recently released ART and opensource development board for RT-Thread and will be demoing ART. Aler Gu will be traveling across the country to come an present at XinCheJian, at age 17 he holds 2 patents, won numerous national awards and launched innovation clubs all revolving around robots and robotics, he gave a short demo at XinCheJian on the weekend of his mechanical hand, which was inspiring to see. he also has a voice controlled robot looking a bit like johnny 5. Have something good to present? email [email protected] for a short overview.]]>

Fishless cycle began!

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Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 18/07/2012

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Xinchejian Wednesday Open House. This is a chance for people to give interesting presentations on projects that they’re working on. If you would like to give a presentation at the Wednesday Open House, please read the and contact us on [email protected] Summary for Wednesday, 18 July 2012 Presentations * Richard Summers, W+K – Multiple Projects * Freda, XinCheJian – Pet Abandonment Project Upcoming Events * New Members Orientation Party on Friday, 20 July. Wednesday Presenters Richard Summers Richard Summers longs to live next to the ocean and from the people upstairs (W+K). He will be giving a talk on past and future projects, and his goal of blurring the line between reality and virtual reality. He’s worked on a few projects: * Large scale pinhole photography * Photosynthesized Easter eggs with his latest initiative * Project: “High Tide” Freda 冯佳 Freda will be talking about an initiative to deal with pet issues. Many people view pets in this way: “A pet is for Christmas and not for life“. She wants to tackle the problem of abandonment and mistreatment of pets, and she’ll be soliciting your ideas on this subject. * Pet abandonment project Are you interested in giving a talk? Write to us at [email protected].]]>

Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 11/07/2012

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=Wednesday Presenters= A joint presentation involving 3 members of XinCheJian, talking about the latest mods to the game machine, it’s not Just another game machine! minecrafting @ XinCheJian and IRL plans! Qu, Wenzhen.. he’s going to present this week, he’s ready! He has been working on applying sensors and wireless technologies to agriculture. He will share a few projects already in the fields and how they benefit the people around them. David Li, the Foreman of XinCheJian will be presenting his most ambitious project to date, super-hydroponics and what he’s been up to recently, along with integrating it into the garden which the wife approves! =Events= DIY声音合成器!- OSC6 Make Your Own Sound Synthesizer! – OSC6 – 2012/07/14 – Get your Synth’n rock on! build this sound synthesizer designed and made by the awesome MengQiMusic, Run by PengZiYun who’s last workshop for a while at XinCheJian as she’s off to University to continue her Dream. Arduino入门工作坊 (针对无电子和编程经验的人) – 2012/08/18 – 轻巧巡线小车工作坊 – Analog line follower workshop – 2012/08/25 – 机器车竞赛 – Roboracing Competition – 2012/08/26 – =A quick blurb about XinCheJian= XinCheJian is a community run hackerspace located in the heart of Shanghai, without your support with time, workshops, donations and memberships we would not be able to keep the space alive and in the same form as it is today, think about giving back in any way you can and help alleviate the financial burdens of those few who are funding the space. =Staff Jobs at XinCheJian= As a staff member you’ll help run the space and share the responsibilities, along with making decisions in how the space runs and evolves, you’ll also be expected to join Staff meetings at least once a month. Only apply if you’re serious. Without the generosity of the current volunteers sharing tasks in their free time, it would be near impossible to keep XinCheJian alive. *Treasurer* As the Treasurer you’ll be responsible for.. treasure. you need to have your own calculator we’ll provide you a calculator. the following are what you’ll need to handle on a monthly basis. – Income/Outgoing spread sheets – Look after the donation box – Organize the rent and bills from the bank account – Purchasing for the space. *Journalists* A Journalist will be expected to write at least 1 article a week on a topic of whats going on inside XinCheJian, you pick a project and review it, can be a few hours an evening writing and a few hours in the day interviewing. – you’ll be given an account on  – You will need a camera – English or Chinese – both are encouraged – confident and outgoing – get as much information possible from people in the shortest amount of time.]]>

Building Outdoor Aquaponic

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Small aquaponic indoor is fun and building big one outdoor is even better. These system is of two 500L fish tanks at the bottom and two 300L growing bed on top giving about 2 square meters growing space and capacity for about 50+ fishes. I am still trying to figure out how to get Tilapia in Shanghai but for now, carps will do. 😉

Planning with SketchUp


Actual installation

IMG 3062]]>

Machine Door Hack

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Oregano Progress on 20120708 / 牛至生长日记 (移植后3周)

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oregano progress 3 weeks after transplant top: 4 best growing in vermiculite base
bottom (from left to right): the best in soil (H=65mm), in perlite (H=67mm), in coconut peat (H=58mm) and in vermiculite (H=95mm),[/caption]]]>

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