Membership | 会员制度

We’re excited you’re interested in becoming a member of Xinchejian.

Step 1: Pay Membership Fees

You are not a member until you pay your fees! Paying for membership grants you all of the benefits of the Xinchejian space and community.

Membership Fees:

* 1 Month Membership: 200 rmb * 6 Month Membership: 900 rmb

Payment Options:

* Alipay Account: [email protected] * Cash Payment: Talk with a Xinchejian staff member

Step 2: Join the mailing list

* Xinchejian Mailing List

Step 3: Register on

Note: This is still an experimental system! Please register here: * —-

Benefits of Membership at XinCheJian

* Join an international community of makers and hackers * Learn about new technologies and gain new skills * Get 7-day access to the hackerspace * Get access to equipment and tools (with proper training) * Participation in XinCheJian groups, events, talks, and conferences

Donations and Sponsorship

* Donations! If you would like to donate money, please contact Xinchejian staff * Sponsorship! If your company would like to sponsor Xinchejian, please contact Xinchejian staff. * Learn more on our wiki: Xinchejian Wiki ]]>

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