Aeroponic Chinese Basil for dinner

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Let’s see how fast I can do another harvest from this. The roots have taken on the aeroponic environment really well! 😉

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Got new toys thanks to DFRobot

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We’ve got:Mega ADK, USB Host Shield, Midi Shield, X-Board, FTDI Basic,detail informations can be found on]]>

Power Tool Safety

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Power tools can be dangerous. Whether its the band saw cutting a finger or that hand held Dremel shooting a plastic shard at your eye, please treat power (and non-power) tools with respect. Don’t be afraid to use tools.  Attend training classes and practice using the tools.  Be aware of safety for yourself and others.  If someone is doing something unsafe, ask them to stop.  Ask questions if you’re unsure. Guidelines for using power tools at Xinchejian: 1. At least 2 people are present 2. The operator has received training in its use 3. The operator has permission to use the equipment Before using power tools be aware of: Personal: –  Wear protective gear – safety glasses, gloves, grounding strap –  Attitude/state – tired, drunk, emotional –  Potential Problems – long hair, loose clothes –  Knowledge – equipment operation, first aid, emergency cut-off switch location Surrounding: – Potential distractions – music, people – Potential dangers – falling items, being bumped, wet floor Equipment: – Knowledge – have proper training or experience, just ask – Right tool/adequate tool for the task – Equipment or tool well maintained?  Safe or effective to use? – What direction is debris/cut-off/sparks heading? – Locate emergency cut-off – Clean machines/area after use – Report damage or problems Plan: – Have a plan when using equipment.  What is the goal? – Plan the equipment usage – think through the actions, visualize the steps and backup steps – Think through potential problems and dangers

Stay focused and use common sense


Vote for XinCheJian's Beckoning Cat

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This week @XinCheJian – Wednesday 7pm Free

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XinCheJian crashed this party, we presented throughout the day and hijacked a presentation room, while Lio took the big stage with the D programming language and Oil waste management workshop last Saturday where a group of enthusiasts worked on designing solutions to prevent used cooking oil from being reused. Interesting ideas around intelligent oil recycling bins and cheap one time paper tester.. Robo Racing last Sunday left Lio still holding onto the championship trophy, next month – he had better be careful as we have some new robots that came together or got improved on after the race. === Wednesday === This week at XinCheJian we’ve got the following happening: Micheal is running the safety workshop, this quick 20 minute workshop on the Bandsaw and Drill Press with common safety precautions and outlines, be warned everyone must do these workshops to use these tools. Did you know the original design for a bandsaw was cutting meat.. yummy. Lock-picking study starts tonight, the first Lock will come today and the research will begin, Micheal’s Safety workshop will be useful as we’ll have to slice a lock open. Raven by popular demand is back tonight for those that missed his processing presentation, he’s generating a lot of buzz.. an earlier message on weibo read “can processing do motion tracking” he replied “yep, it can even detect color changes and blobs”.. – I cant wait to tie Processing, Servos, Arduino, and a laser assisted Nerf gun together. The not-Harry-potter Severin Schols will be dropping in tonight before his sad departure on Friday from China. 🙁 another true hacker needs to be replaced.. so here is the job description: Looking for male/female – 12-13yr old – 4ft 5″ – Blond haired – Blue Eyes (bleached hair and coloured contacts fine), must be able to do German accent, must like Cats and Barbie dolls ready for immediate replacement. Hopefully finishing off the side tables. A Good time to finish off or make your racing robot, parts are available in XinCheJian. Mitch Altman kits are still available, get the MintyBoost to charge your phone off of 2xAA batteries for when you’ve forgotten to charge your phone the evening before. === Make Things, not War === There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t === Holidays at XinCheJian === For non-members/members we’ll keep the Wednesday meetup during the holiday open, For members the space will be open if you have a Key, nothing is planned over that week but some of us will be there. If you don’t hold a key one of the best ways is to send an email to [email protected] the day before if you are planning on going down to see if anyone will be there, no reply means no.

Oil waste management workshop

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image image image image

3 days class designing solutions to prevent used cooking oil unsafe reuse.  Research, reflexion, brainstorming, idea selection, storyboard, presentation. Interesting ideas around intelligent oil recycling bins and cheap one time paper tester.

Next steps:  turn into engineering projects and products?


Nanode: network connected microcontrollers

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Nanode is a set of improvements on the original Arduino board with an integrated Ethernet controller and a design that is easy to hand-assemble while paying attention to some details such as the placement of the board LED and reset switch. The ability to connect to the network gives us a whole new universe of possibilities for Internet-connected devices. Thanks to Ken Boak and Toby Yu for their generous donation, we’ll be received five free Nanode boards to play with in the XinCheJian hackerspace. Pricing will be around 200 RMB at the moment. Below is a picture of the first two boards at XinCheJian running the default program (flashing the LED connected to pin #6). The Ethernet controller (ENC28J60) is the same we’ve used in the Transfabric’s interactive door project. image]]>

Processing 课程

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时间分布和周期:每周日下午1点至4点。共6周。 时间分布和周期:每周日下午1点至4点。共6周。 第一堂课日期:10月16日 最后一堂课日期:11月20日 课程内容安排: Week 1: P5介绍,软件面板功能介绍/ 基本的2D图形绘制/ 基本的2D图形绘制与鼠标的互动 Week 2: 变量的概念/ 判断的概念/ 循环的概念/ 函数的概念 Week 3: 对象的概念/ OOP(基础) Week 4: 数组 Week 5: 位图应用/ 摄像头应用 Week 6: 一些有趣的第三方类库的应用与实例 每次课程的大致时间段安排: 1:00 – 1:30 - P5作品欣赏 1:30 – 2:20 -当日计划的概念知识点的教学与实例的演示 2:20 – 2:30 - 休息 2:30 – 3:00 - Q&A,个别的提问与答疑 3:00 – 4:00 - DIY,根据当日教授的知识制作,个人创作,结束时展示 针对受众:入门级P5互动爱好者 / 艺术类学生,人数控制在15人以上,30人以内。 备注:需自行携带笔记本并备有当日课程需要的文件(在每次课程的前一天共享当日的课件,学生自行下载) 收费:每个人整个课程18个小时的费用为800元,在校学生可以打7.5折。 报名:有兴趣学习的人请联系:[email protected] 教师资料: Raven Kwok | 郭锐文 Personal Showreel 2007-2011:

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爱上Arduino: Getting Started with Arduino

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We’re selling them for 45 RMB (to cover shipping), the book comes with a learning CD. Buy one and get started with Arduino!


Digital Logic with Logisim

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Logisim, an OpenSource digital simulation software with a tiny project. Perfect tool for our future digital logic workshops to teach basic boolean operations and logic constructs. ]]>

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