AFRON $10 robot challenge winners announced at World Maker Faire New York 2012

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1. Kilobot: Harvard, USA 2. SwarmRobot: China 3. SEG: MIT, USA 4. DiscBot: USA That’s Xinchejian in second place, behind Harvard University’s funded research group and ahead of the MIT University! Prize winning Xinchejian SwarmRobots Since entering the competition SwarmRobots we have been adding more capability including object detection, communication and wireless charging. If you would like to be part of Xinchejian or the SwarmRobots team, come to Xinchejian’s free Open Night, every Wednesday at 7:30PM to find out more or start with these videos!]]>

3D printing in time lapse

September 28th, 2012 § 1 comment § permalink Now watch the video and see 37 minutes flying away in just 1.27 minutes…impressive:]]>

Barcamp Shanghai Fall 2012

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Barcamp Shanghai Fall 2012. Barcamp is an “unconference” where people come to share ideas, usually with a focus on technology. Over 500 people came to the event, and Xinchejian had a room to ourselves. Here are some of the things we were doing: * Xinchejian had an LED badge soldering station thanks to Min Lin Hsieh * Arcade machine (Xinchejian’s unofficial day care for kids) by Lionello Lunesu * Analog Line Followers and Swarm Robots by Lutz Michaelis * Social glasses by Valentin Gauffre * Space Gambit by Alex Cureton-Griffiths * Lophilo by Ricky Ng-Adam * 3D printing by Stephany Xu * Compact micro-controller board by Sunny Jr * Translation Station by Victoria * Turning your stuff into a kit by Spencer Featherstone * Adopt-a-Kitten by Freda * Fish poo farming by David Li * Robots Wars by Rockets 夏青 Many thanks to Paul Adams who was onsite all day for his help with the schedule and setup. Read the total event recap from Techyizu Overall, it was a fun event, and we recommend finding us at the next Barcamp! ]]>

Wednesday Meetup – Free – @ XinCheJian – 7-9pm – 26/09/2012

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Wednesday Presenters

Lionello Lunesu (Lio) will be talking about Demo Scene computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills, so join him, and “just make it!”
Paul Adams will be giving us a behind the scenes tour of the Beijing design week project he’s working on right now – live from Beijing, two huge visualization, interaction and responsive installations at cMoDa in Beijing about to open on Friday.

#Aquaponic#: we have perfect water

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We just tested the water and it’s perfect. 7.0 in PH, no ammonia and nitrite and full of nitrate. Looking forward to seeing these grow!

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Location:Huashan Road,,China


Swarm Robots Workshop and competition entry

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SwarmRobot workshop A successful workshop to build SwarmRobots with ten attendees was held last Saturday. There were some minor hiccups with part changes and delivery, but the batteries and chargers have now arrived. Workshop attendees can be collect these at the Wednesday Open night and presentation night or at Thursday nights SwarmRobot makers night, or by arrangement. The SwarmRobots have also been entered into a worldwide educational competition, see our entry here. SwarmRobot]]>

Weekly Update 5 september 2012

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Cara silver and Ihan Cheng presenting about Rwanda research.. from Frog Design in Shanghai talking about their Research methods and experience gained in Rawanda, lots of photos. Yongting Wang, Ph.D. looking to kick off the XinCheJian BIO-HACK group, her first target of injecting Bio-luminescence into E-Coli to create some glow in the dark bacteria, we welcome our bacteria overlords that glow in the dark. The founder of a Kickstarter site based in Shanghai will be giving a talk, a great time to find out how to get your project listed and how it will work. Yeelink from Qingdao will talk about hooking your Arduino into the cloud, this is the Pachube/cosm for China based services.

Barcamp Shanghai

Barcamp is this weekend, whats that mean for you? if you were planning on working out of XinCheJian on Saturday, unless you are a keyholder there will be no one there for you, email [email protected] to see what can be arranged.]]>

It's a Bugs Eats Bugs World

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I was referred to predator mites by a few organic farmers on weibo. They look badass! They are smaller then red spider mites but literally eat them for lunch. Each adult predator mite will eats about 200 to 400 red spider mites.

I ordered a few bags of them and just finishing deploying them in the garden. There are both adults and eggs in the bag. Place the opening close to stem of infested plants and the predator mites will climb out of the bags to track down the spider mites. It’s a long night waiting but I can’t wait to see if any of them come to action by the morning.

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沪JS 2012, International JavaScript event in Shanghai from September 14th to 16th.

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HuJS. The event will feature two solid days of international and local speakers giving hardcore sessions on both client and server JavaScript development. The event will feature a mix notable international and local JavaScript experts. The hope is the event will help build bridges between the international and local community and will help further establish JavaScript development in China. The main event will be held at the Knowledge and Innovation center in the YangPu district with a Hackathon in 2 locations including KIC and People Squared Yanping Attic in Jing’an.]]>

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