Weekly Update 5 september 2012

September 5th, 2012 § 3 comments

Cara silver and Ihan Cheng presenting about Rwanda research.. from Frog Design in Shanghai talking about their Research methods and experience gained in Rawanda, lots of photos. Yongting Wang, Ph.D. looking to kick off the XinCheJian BIO-HACK group, her first target of injecting Bio-luminescence into E-Coli to create some glow in the dark bacteria, we welcome our bacteria overlords that glow in the dark. The founder of a Kickstarter site based in Shanghai Dreamore.cn will be giving a talk, a great time to find out how to get your project listed and how it will work. Yeelink from Qingdao will talk about hooking your Arduino into the cloud, this is the Pachube/cosm for China based services.

Barcamp Shanghai

Barcamp is this weekend, whats that mean for you? if you were planning on working out of XinCheJian on Saturday, unless you are a keyholder there will be no one there for you, email [email protected] to see what can be arranged.]]>

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