Meet Your Makers: Lutz

March 26th, 2013 § 0 comments

Who are you? My name is Lutz and I am member of Xinchejian. Now my job is robotics engineer and in my spare time i am taking photos (yeah, the Maker Portrait photos are my creation but David did the post processing). In Xinchejian I am mainly active in robotics and related workshops. I am from Germany and living 8 years in Shanghai now but if you wanna talk in Chinese to me then please be prepared that you might have to switch to English…谢谢

Why are you member of of XinCheJian?

Well, a couple of years somebody forced me to go there…really bad things happened after the first visit. I did not only abandon my first hobby (remember…photography) but also spend less time with the great photographer Flickr group here in Shanghai. Slowly I adapted to my new life and became another person…I mutated to … something else. Now instead of taking pictures of flowers, buildings and other stuff I am building robots, electronic things and even changed my job. I can also meet my needs to take pictures in Xinchejian since our new style is to combine those two hobbies. Now I am taking pictures of people with robots, people with lamps, with Mojito’s, pretty models with 3D printed stuff on them 🙂 Yeah, I am happy to be member of XCJ (that’s the short version) because I can meet people with the same addiction there and doing some crazy stuff together. The mix of that many cultures, languages and believes make Xinchejian to a place where you wanna be to create awesome things. Don’t believe the pictures you see now, it’s staged.But I can tell you, sometimes we are close to insanity…(not really, let me phrase it “There is more than meets the eye” :-)”) IMG_1424 Photo by David (with a Canon!!!) Oh, he’s a Nikon guy! 🙂 ]]>

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