Learn to 3D Print @Shanghai Library 3D打印工作坊 Nov 23

November 16th, 2014 § 0 comments

(上海徐汇)淮海中路1555号上海图书馆三楼创新空间 DSC_5975 Register 报名参加 Learn How to 3D Print and see a real live 3D Scanning - by Lucio (weibo: @Lucio鲁修)! Location: F3 of Shanghai Library, 1555 Middle Huaihai Road. Fee:RMB250, or RMB200 for xinchejian members. Preparations: Bring your own laptop and pre-installsoftwares (Cura, Repetier and Sketchup) What you will Learn: A brief story about 3DPrinters; Setup a3DPrinter; Use the internet to Download 3D models; Export a model using Google Sketchup How to 3DPrint with Cura and Repetier Software Print by yourself a quick 3D model What you will experience: One person will be chosen to get 3D scanned 3D printers in action a 3d Scanner in action A quick view to 3Dmodeling softwares; Optional: If you want to have your own face scanned and later printed for an additional 350 RMB you will receive a 3DPrinted bust ofyourself by mail. If you have, bring your 3D printer if youdon’t have there will be printers at the workshop. ]]>

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