Basic Hydroponic System Construction|基础水培系统工作坊 -April 18

March 27th, 2015 § 2 comments

hydropnics Sign Up 报名参加 Time: April 18, 2pm – 4pm. Address: 1555 Middle Huaihai Road, F3 of Shanghai Library. Fee: 200 RMB includes hand watered hydroponic system, watering bottle/spray, nutrients。 Description: If you know nothing about growing plants or what hydroponics is, this workshop is for you. This workshop will cover basic plant growing and hydroponic techniques that will allow you to understand and maintain one of the most basic hydroponic system types (hand watered container) with some of the lowest maintenance and resilient edible plants available. You will also learn how to assemble a basic hand watered container hydroponic system, and how to transplant seedlings into the system. At the end of the workshop, you will leave with a functioning hydroponic system with live plants and the knowledge to keep them alive. After that, all you will need for success is patience and motivation! ]]>

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