Hackerspace Cleanup

July 16th, 2015 § 1 comment

Increasing entropy is a natural state of things, especially in an hackerspace that sees many projects and many contributions. Regular cleaning and sorting is required to get the handle on the chaos.

熵的增加是自然规律之一。因为新车间有着许许多多的工程项目,所以这规律也能在这儿发现 。为了避免这样的混乱,整理肯定是必须的。

We’ve collected equipment, parts, components, used equipment without owners into an outgoing pile in the space . If you wish to take ownership of something from that pile for projects purpose, you must either:


take ownership and label it (name,  project, contact info, expiry date) and store it in your storage box (storage box are 30RMB/month)


OR, for shared stuff: put it on the proper shelve or box that has a category label


Work surfaces and space under the tables are NOT storage areas.


Anything left on the tables, under the tables, without labels or not properly organized will be added to the outgoing pile.


Wednesday July 22nd 7pm is the deadline before we start donating to the outside from the pile.

七月22号晚上7点钟(星期三), 我们将会开始捐赠小空间里面的零件和无主人的项目。

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