Arduino shield assembly workshop

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We've got XinCheJian patches!

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People can now support XinCheJian by buying these nice patches, sold for RMB15 each. All profits goes to support XinCheJian Shanghai Hackers Community ^_^

Main Logo Design XCJPatch1

Paul Adams sponsored for these two designs, thank you Paul!

Design by Andrea Carlon XCJPatch2

QR code, very limited edition!! XCJPatch3


August 3rd Weekly Wednesday Meetup!

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CET Academic Programs, the same program that found us our fantastic summer intern Jonathan Kalin to XinCheJian. We had the pleasure to have a new paying member join us: Scott, who’s been very active in the urban farming project. We also welcomed a new visitor (Severin, originally from Germany) who immediately got to work helping Michael assembling a new CNC mill and trying to repair the broken Apple Time Capsule that Scott brought in (with some impressive capacitors sparks!). All this in the middle of a very busy evening with Paul fixing the Internet access (a simple re-crimp on the RJ45 cable did the trick), soldering together ultra-bright LEDs for the interactive plant project and taking apart the bubble jet printer with Michael. In the meantime, Lio whipped up a converter from 12V to 6V for the alarm battery (with a homemade heatsink) and figured out the rookie mistake that Ricky made preventing him from controlling the servos with the Freescale XL Star board (note to self: all grounds need to be connected to each other!). Ricky also helped out with Fan’s piano-driven RGB LEDs project MCU software. Lili was also in the space to promote her Bee Housing project (codename: Goldendust). Of note also is the successful daytrip to the Beijing road electronics market where Nelson bought the components for this weekend H-Bridge soldering extravaganza. See you next week!

IMG_0068 IMG_0070-1
IMG_0081 IMG_0082-1
IMG_0087 IMG_0094
IMG_0101 IMG_0102
IMG_0108 IMG_0111
IMG_0112 IMG_6982
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Goldendust pollination project

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August 14th 2011 depending on how many people sign up.]]>

Weekly meetup on Wednesday

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his workshop this weekend for the upcoming roborace, after a good turn out last weekend for PCB design workshop our new H-Bridge shields for Arduino should be in this week just in time for putting them together and hacking on your Robot for the competition at this weekends workshop, so if you havn’t got yourself a cheap R/C toy yet, start shopping on TAOBAO or come on down and talk to TheNelson for some winning ideas. Michael will be around tonight – the user-controlled champion of R/C toys if you want a good insight to how he done it and how he managed to literally “blow the competition away” with his tank. Michael just got back into the country, Jet lag wont stop this guy from hacking tonight, he’s bringing with him a new CNC mill to put together – this will be awesome! So show your support and come on down to Meetup Wednesday tonight at 7pm at XinCheJian, sign up and let us know you’re coming! ]]>

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