Welcome New Space Manager | 欢迎新车间新管理员

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Welcome New Space Manager

We are happy to announce that Xinchejian has a new space manager, Freda Feng. Freda has been a staff member of the space since 2013 and has been an integral part of our success by helping with many important functions of the space. She is an avid artist who has created several masterpieces at the space and she is an ardent supporter of furthering the maker movement by helping to develop the next generation of makers: children.

Freda has transitioned into the role of space manager because our former space manager, Chris Zhang, has moved on to bigger and better things at Chinaccelerator, and we wish her all the best in her new position. We’ll surely miss seeing her smiling face at the space, but luckily for us, she’ll still be in the same building!

Please join us in welcoming Freda as the new space manager and congratulate her the next time you see her at the space! The new space manager will continue to be supported by the current staff members of Xinchejian.


我们很高兴宣布新车间冯佳 Freda 成为新的空间管理员。Freda于2013年加入新车间,成为核心会员,并成功帮助新车间做出了许多重要的贡献。她在新车间创造了许多艺术作品,作为一个热心的艺术家的同时,她还是一位热心帮助下一代儿童创客,未来创客运动的支持者。

Freda转换为新车间管理元的角色,因为我们原来的管理员Chris 张已经转换工作岗位去了更大的更棒的中国加速,我们祝愿她在新的岗位,做出更好的成绩。我们当然将想念她迷人的笑容,但是幸运的是她就在我们隔壁的办公室工作。


新车间核心决策团队成员|Xinchejian Core Staff Member:

伍思力 |Ricky






穆熙伦 |Roger


新车间管理员|Space Manager:冯佳|freda

If you need help or have any questions , contact our manager directrly,
Mobile Number:13817703471
Email: [email protected]

邮箱:[email protected]

(English) Kin interview

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New Intern Yu Liu

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My name is Yu Liu and I will be a rising junior at the University of Florida this coming fall. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and I will be interning at XinCheJian from June 20th to August 14th.I hope to gain experience in electronic designs and learn as much as I can these next few weeks. As an intern here at XinCheJian, I will be keeping the space clean and organized, helping out with workshops, marketing the site, and assisting staff while also working on my own project.
I will be working on an electronic skateboard project with Dooho (another intern). We were generously provided a board from Eduardo and will be trying to implement a lightweight, yet effective design. We will also be helping Eduardo out with a light sensing robot that he will be showcasing at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Shanghai. We will be learning how to build the small robot and then we will be teaching 14-18 year olds at the event.

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