Wednesday Night Live (Sept.2) 周三夜现场(9月2日)

September 6th, 2015 Wednesday Night Live (Sept.2) 周三夜现场(9月2日)已关闭评论

“Your mind is like software, your body is the hardware”, started with a simple metaphor, Gino Yu the director of digital entertainment and game development in the School of Design, successfully attracted all the attendees’ attention to his topic – the science of consciousness.


Other than associate professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Gino Yu also founded M-Lab, a commercial digital entertainment entity that provides consulting, research, instruction and new ideas for the industry. His main area research interests involve the application of media technologies to cultivate creativity and promote enlightened consciousness.


During the time he gave speech to the public at XinCheJian, he explained the relation between entertainment and science of consciousness with simple examples and little games, which made him one of the most popular speakers of that night.


Bouhan Lou, a senior high school student also came to XinCheJian and gave a speech about Robot Operating System (ROS) robots, a set of software libraries and tools that help people build robot applications. It was hard for most of people to believe that a high school student could understand so much about ROS the software that most of people nearly heard about.


Andrew Geng, a long term member of XinCheJian who is still in university, brought his new project – ATLAS (aerial filming drone). With 9 minutes speech, he explained how ATLAS was built and the theory. From the first project of Andrew in XinCheJian – a wireless charger to his latest project – the ATLAS, we can definitely see his progress in XinCheJian.


As the first hacker space in China, XinCheJian hopes to offer everyone a platform to create and build their own projects, no matter who you are, or where you come from.

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