Projects | 项目

We have a variety of projects hosted, lead or participated in by XinCheJian. Projects are at various stages and all looking for help to make them “production-quality” (aka: build-able or organize-able by anyone). Please refer to our wiki for more information.


* Roboracing

* ArduBlock

* Remotely controlled webcam

* Electric powered Waveboard

* Solar Charger

* Urban farming

* Quadcopter

* Rudy Bike

Insect Bot

Racing robots teams

In addition, we have more general endeavors:

* Workshops

  • Teach hacking: Arduino, Urban Farming, Android, electronics, PCB design, CNC, mechanical tools, etc…
  • Help needed with: preparing and teaching content, in Chinese and English
  • Contact:

* Events

  • SHLUG, Dorkbot, Roboracing monthly, Hacker Show & Tell
  • Help needed with: organizing and promoting event
  • Contact:

* Hackerspace Starter-Kit

  • An “hackerspace in a box”: sourcing diversified set of components from China to Hackerspaces anywhere in the world
  • Stage: idea with support from Mitch Altman
  • Help needed: defining business model, defining list of components, getting interested customers
  • Contact:

* General hardware exploration

  • Atmel ATiny programming, Xilinx’s FPGA, Linaro’s ARM, Shenzhen’s Android devices,
  • Stage: exploring…
  • Help needed with: acquiring (free) development boards and samples, learn and teach
  • Contact:

* XinCheJian, the community and the space

  • First Hackerspace in China with the goal of being the first of many more… A geeky community oriented towards doing fun and exciting projects together.
  • Stage: a few interesting projects getting off the ground, potential for international visibility, many partners, many potential leads
  • Help with: financing (accrued debt: ~52000RMB), sponsorships, marketing, membership management and expansion (especially Chinese mainland members), improving the space itself, getting projects to completion, teaching workshops, organizing events, etc…
  • Contact:

* Mitch Altman’s Starter kits

  • Learn and practice soldering
  • Help needed: print out more Chinese and English soldering guides, lead workshops