Arduino新手系列工作坊 7月25-8月08|Arduino Beginners Serial Workshop Jul. 25 – Aug. 08

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1F, Building 3, No 28 East Yuyuan Road
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Just started your summer break and want to create something cool? Have special interests in electronics and want to know more about what Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Majors are doing? Or do you want to add some special flavours to your life? Join the Arduino workshop specially designed for beginners!

During the three Ardruino workshop series, you will get introduced to contents related to micro-controllers such as Arduino and what you can do with Arduino, includes:

1. Learn about a few fundamental electronic parts, how they work, and how they could possibly be applied to your own project. 2. Learn some basic programming, including variables, conditionals and loops.
3. Learn how to apply different electronic parts in 5 interesting projects
4. Learn how to make a slightly more complicated project: an electronic lock in the final workshop At the end of the workshop, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge necessary to start your own project!

Workshop Fee:
Arduino Kit with Basic Components (special discounted price) : RMB210 原价300
Each of the 2 hours workshop is RMB150 (member), RMB200 (non-member)
All three workshop package cost: RMB 710 (3 workshops with kit and 1 month XCJ membership)

Registration details please contact “”

// ]]> Please download and install Arduino IDE

Location: 1F, No.3 Building, No. 28 Yuyuan East Road (XinCheJian)

Serial Arduino Workshop for Beginners | Arduino 入门系列工作坊(3周) – April 18th

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间
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Time: April 11th – April 25th, Every Saturday10:00am – 12:00pm.
The Arduino workshop is great for those looking to get started with micro-controller programming and need a kickstart in the right direction. This is one of the most Popular workshops at xinchejian, Designed to not overwhelm people but provide the right balance of theoretical and hands on experience. Please do not sign up if you are not going to show up as you’ll be taking a seat from someone that wants to do it. This workshop will run in English.
You will need to have your own Arduino kit, we have kits in XinCheJian for sale at RMB 210.00 – order online from DFRobot or Buy from us and help support the space.
Content of the workshop:
* Introduction to Arduino: board, IDE
* Writing your program
* Connecting to sensors and hardware
* Followed by a discussion and Q&A
Notes: Please bring a laptop with the Arduino environment on it.

Arduino Level 4 Serial Workshop|Arduino进阶工作坊(10周)-April 5th

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上海静安愚园东路28号3号楼一楼 新车间
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Every Sunday 10am – 12am for 10 weeks, starting from April 5th, XinCheJian will be hosting serial Arduino level 4 workshop. This is the first time ever in XinCheJian to run Level 4 Arduino workshop.
As many new makers are trying to figure out their way through all possibilities with Arduino, the majority may have only attended one or two introduction sessions to Arduino and afterwards never get the chance to continue playing with all the electronic parts and start doing fun projects. Many may have put their Arduino starter kits up on the shelf to collect dust. It that’s what’s happening with your Arduino kits, that would be too bad and now comes your chance to pick them up again and really get to understand everything about Arduino.
This serial Arduino workshop will include all parts in the starter kits. As participants finish playing with these parts, some fun projects will be introduced to the workshop. This is a workshop that will inspire you to create and make!

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