Received our GGHC soldering stations!

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We’ve just received our nine temperature controlled soldering station with digital display! Generously given by ELEMENT14 as participation prizes to for the spring 2011 Great Global Hackerspace Challenge competition.


Roboracing Movie – 机器人竞赛电影

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Vote for XinCheJian's Beckoning Cat

September 29th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink 感谢支持! XinCheJian's Beckoning Cat Video on YouTube]]>

wednesday meetup – Free @ XinCheJian 7 – 9 pm

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==== Hacking Wednesdays ==== If you want to try your robot in this weekends race and have yet to finish it or build one, dont fear, come down to XinCheJian tonight and buy a R/C car like rickys 70rmb, rip the guts out and replace it with an Arduino 180rmb, theNelsons h-bridge shield 50rmb and 2 ultra sonic sensors 35rmb.. everything you need is in the space, not only will you be a hacker but you’ll learn some awesome skills while you do it. Tonight Min Lin and Ricky will be around to share stories from their recent hacking journeys. Get an insight into processing. we have a special guest coming down who’ll be setting up a processing workshop, find out whats involved tonight. Michael (RubberDucky) will be drilling into the walls to setup some computer benches, and also hooking up his mega-super-awesome-button-box for the new restricted toys (lathes, mills, bandsaw, drill) Paul will be discussing the lock-picking study with interested participants. Lio will be figuring out how he’s going to do the bamboo go-kart with those interested for the ben heck challenge (find out more tonight) and how you can be involved. After the event around 9pm the hackers will take to the tracks for some go-karting “research” at Chang Feng park indoor race track for some super awesome driving skills “bring a head mounted camera” If you thought this Wednesday is fun, wait for the weekend..

==== This Weekend ====

Saturday – all day: Organic waste workshop.. find out how to make bio-diesel, sign up and more information here: Saturday afternoon – 5 presentations from XinCheJian will be delivered at _Barcamp_ Shanghai so come and show your support for xinchejian.. sign up and more information here: Sunday morning – Ardublock workshop.. never programmed in arduino before? use ardublock to visually program. sign up here: Sunday afternoon – Robo Racing championship, find out if the Title stays with XinCheJian for a 3rd victory, find out if anyone can take on theNelsons or mindstorm robots! Man vs Machine will Machine win again! Sign up here: ]]>

Toy Hacking Contest: Update on the cat from Severin!

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Roboracing Competition – 2011/07/10

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比赛赢家: Nelson Zhang (自主瓦力) and Michael Liao (遥控坦克)
非常感谢 盛大创新院 赞助了2台电子书做为奖品!


感谢参赛者们的努力,你们是最棒的! 感谢盛大创新院慷慨的赞助! 感谢 TimeOut 杂志 报道这次的活动!感谢DFRobotRoboticFans 参与(尤其是叶琛Rocky)这次活动的筹备!感谢新单位帮忙做宣传!感谢昨天来围观的朋友们! 感谢那些没办法过来但是给我们精神支持的朋友们!感谢Andi 设计制作这次的活动海报与传单!感谢Paul 赞助海报印刷!感谢Bindy 帮忙翻译和贩卖饮料!感谢Michael 捐赠赢得的电子书作为下次的奖品和请参赛者们和饮料!感谢John 帮忙活动的筹备!感谢Airie 帮忙在人人网上做宣传!感谢旻琳负责整个活动的宣传、协调与筹备!感谢我们零距离家长论坛的j家长和孩子们的参观!



Roboracing Competition

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欢迎有兴趣的朋友来围观!这里报名。 比赛分为两个部分: * 自动控制组 * 遥控组 ==>比赛细则<== 如果你的机器车也想参加比赛,请写邮件到: robora[email protected] 有兴趣赞助这个比赛请写邮件到:[email protected] 这里有上次的车赛花絮. 已报名的队伍: Team 1: Lauren Pan (Toy car modification robot) Team 2: Barry Xu (DIY robot) Team 3: Daniel (2WD Mobile robot kit) Team 4: Zhang Chen (Andriod control HCR) Team 5: Jiang Gui Long/Wu Tao/Zhang Jie ( Android Control HCR) Team 6: Rockets (Tank mobile robot) Team 7: Unknown (LEGO mobile robot) Team 8: Ricky Ye (HCR robot) Team 9: Ricky Ng-Adam (Autonomous robot toy car – ART) Team 10: Lutz Michaelis (Autonomous Beetleduino) Team 11: Paul Adams (Hoverbot Hubert) Team 12: Nelson Zhang (Autonomous Wall-E) Team 13: Lionello Lunesu (LEGO mobile robot) Team 14: David Li (Soccerbot) ]]>

HCR Roboracing

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Google SketchUp做的赛道设计图和赛道模拟



[GGHC] XinCheJian coming out of the depths of video streaming from Android!

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Ricky just make an update on his quest to streaming video from Android.

element14: XinCheJian GGHC: XinCheJian coming out of the depths of video streaming from Android!: “”


Pilot FIRST® Tech Challenge Robotics competition in Shanghai: April 23

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Pilot FIRST® Tech Challenge Robotics competition in Shanghai

Time: Saturday, April 23, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Shanghai American School, Pudong campus

International school team robots will compete in the pilot FIRST® Tech Challenge high school robotics competition, developed by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a U.S. based non-profit. Teams design, build and program robots to compete in an exciting, sports-like challenge. Reaching 250,000 students in grades K to 12 worldwide, FIRST engages students in science and technology learning and leadership and provides an opportunity to apply classroom concepts to ‘real-world’ engineering problems, work on open-ended challenges and create their own solutions. The event is free and open to the public. Contact Paula Joseph at [email protected] for more information.

For more information, contact Shelly Shen at [email protected] 13564738316 or Paula Joseph at [email protected] 18601794144


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