Hackers Meetup | 创客聚会


Every Wednesday at 7pm at XinCheJian: Hackers Meetup, come to meet passionate Hackers and show what you’ve hacked! FREE!


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  • Bryan Lee说道:

    HI there
    This is Bryan here from Singapore. I am in Shanghai this few days and would love to explore the startup space in Shanghai.
    May I ask if the Hacker Space meetup is still on tonight at XinCheJian? I would like to attend the meet up 🙂
    Apologies for the last minute email. My contact number in Shanghai is 18616204032.

  • Data说道:

    I’m data from Hong Kong. I’m going to visit Shanghai from 18/4 – 22/4. I would like to have a visit the hackspace in Shanghai.
    Is still there any regular meeting on the coming wednesday (18/4)? I read the frontpage that XinCheJian is moving. Please keep me updated about this.

    • nihaopaul说道:

      Hi Data, yes come see us, it’s open tonight but not in the best of shapes.. as in we havn’t unpacked.

  • Filip说道:

    Hello, I am from sweden but I actually live in Shanghai, I am not experienced with building gadgets but I would love to learn how. Can people without knowledge about these stuff still come? and is it only building robots or is it programming and such too? Just curios.

    • Min Lin Hsieh说道:

      Hi Filip,
      Yes, everyone is welcome to come and learn how to make things! We have open house every Wednesday night at 7pm, please come visit and meet our members!

  • Sasha and Nastya说道:

    We are Sasha and Nastya from Ukraine. We are going to Shanghai in a couple of days. We would love to visit the Hackerspace, but we are not sure if we are there before Wednesday, 7pm. Is it possible to visit you on Thurthday or Friday?

  • Xiunen说道:

    The is Xiunen from Beijing. I wonder if I have a chance to visit your working space. If possible, I`d like to get a way to there.

  • didibabawu说道:

    i have 3d print

  • michelle0106说道:

    hey,I want to know the way to get free ticket,anyone who knows ,tell me ,thank you!

  • YBSH说道:



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