[Upcoming Workshops] MSP/Jitter, InsectBot and Arduino

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Workshops | 工作坊

Learn how to make all kinds of stuffs! 

MSP/Jitter Workshop (Nov 9-10)

Max is the environment you use to create visual programs, called patches, plus a set of building blocks (called objects) used in those programs. MSP is a set of Max objects for audio and signal processing. Jitter is a set of Max objects for video, graphics, and matrix data processing. 

MAX是您使用的环境,创造视听节目,被称为修补程序,加上这些程序中使用了一套积木(称为对象)。 MSP是一组音频信号处理的最大对象。Jitter是最大的一组视频,图形和矩阵数据处理的对象。

Two days workshop for


Sing up!

(Nov 16 2pm)

(11月16号 2pm)

Come build your world-destroying INSECTBOT.

Audience: any person aged from 5 ~ 99 interested in robotics 😉
Bring your own notebook

The Insectbot kit includes the following:
- Arduino board
- 2 Servo
- 1 Ultrasound distance sensor
- Other materials for the robot structures


- Arduino微控制器板
- 舵机2个
- 超音波距离传感器1个
- 其他机器人结构材料

4 hours workshop


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Get Started with Arduino 

(Nov 17)


Content of the workshop:

* Introduction to Arduino: board, IDE

* Build a few interesting circuit with a breadboard and Protoboard (soldering)

* Followed by a discussion and Q&A


* 入门Arduino(IDE /编程/挂接传感器)
* 动手做几个简单的电路与编程、实验板焊接
* 讨论与问答


4 hours workshop


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Swarm Robots reloaded

August 2nd, 2012 § Comments Off on Swarm Robots reloaded § permalink

After weeks of silence we are going to restart the Swarm Bot team Project this week.
We did some progress making a couple of test boards and wiorking robot base inccluding the first infrared beacon design but other tasks needed to be done before.
Now it’s the perfect time to start all over again and bring it to an successful end. Our plan is to send this to maybe two competitions (more about this later)
If you are interested to join the team then become a member. Members don’t have to pay additional for working in a team like this.

You are afraid that you are not smart enough? Well, nobody in our team is an expert for swarm robots yet, so please just bring in whatever you can.

Please also have a look at the Wiki to see the progress we already made: http://wiki.xinchejian.com/wiki/Swarm_robots

Rudy Bike @ XinCheJian

June 18th, 2011 § 5 comments § permalink

We are really happy to have the opportunities in hosting the Rudy Bike in the past few weeks so they can finish the bike for the Demo Day. Rudy Bike is a cool looking electric bike controlled by Arduino and Android.

Rudy Bike

Rudy Bike

Rudy Bike

Rudy Bike